Galway U21/U18 - Should they be allowed compete in Leinster?

Having watched the Galway minor team getting thrashed last weekend might it improve the Leinster underage championship if they were allowed compete in Leinster ?

It’s not Leinster’s fault but Tipp having played all four other Munster hurling counties before last Sunday while Galway had one outing v Antrim indicates that it is all wrong and something should be done …

That said when Galway were winning minor titles it wasn’t so much of an issue …


They won the All Ireland last year. They weren’t good enough this year. It has nothing to do with getting games. They’ve won plenty of 21s as well some years without many games.

Although if they want in I’d have no issue with it.

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That’s probably why the won the AI last year. Into the Semi’s straight away every year. By the law of averages they are bound to win at some stage. It just appears unfair that the Seniors are welcomed but underage are not. Is there a fear factor in Leinster about allowing them in ?

I don’t know about a fear factor.

But they certainly should never get to play Antrim/ Ulster champions in a quarter final. That should alternate between the Leinster and Munster losers each year. Galway should have to play three serious games to win the minor title.

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Are Galway not looking for entry to the Leinster championship for the past number of years but are blocked by Leinster counties? As for this year’s team, they were confident as the had the majority of last year’s team on the panel this year.

You can be as confident as you want but nothing beats competitive games.

No one saying otherwise. Just saying that it’s not Galway’s fault they are in this position.

It’s a tricky situation.

It would be great for Galway to be included in Leinster at under 21 and minor level. It would be beneficial for the stronger Leinster counties as well. Teams like Wexford, Kilkenny and Dublin have dominated the province over the last few years.

The downfall for including Galway would be for the weaker counties within Leinster, the likes of Offaly, Westmeath, Carlow, Laois. Does Galway inclusion hamper the development of these counties? Does it drive them on to improve, or does it drive more players away from the game?

Leinster council may state that they have a commitment to the weaker counties rather than the stronger counties.

I personally think they should be included across the board.

Include a round robin into the Leinster Champo. More games might lift the level of the teams

Interesting article from John Connolly in the Indo.

i always thought that Galway were happy enough getting an effective bye into the Underage semi’s. 2 matches to win an all ireland? I’m sure that didnt go down well with the likes of ourselves and tipp (for example), and I havent seen this sort of thing being mentioned when they win underage all irelands either.

makes you wonder if they think that their underage is coming into some form of decline down the road and they think this will jazz things up a bit.

personally i dont think they should be in leinster at all - senior, junior, underage, overage, over the hill or under it. They have a provincial council over there in the west - going to leinster is a cop out for the Connaught Council and their responsibilities to grow Hurling in general. Funny they never asked to go back to Munster, they grapsed the opportuinity to try and be flat track bullies at senior level in Leinster and it hasn’t exactly worked out for them in terms of All Irelands.

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In my humble opinion it is a poor call from the counties in Leinster not to allow home and away fixtures for Galway in the Leinster Championship as well as facilitating their underage teams in the Leinster tournaments. The travel argument is a red herring as it is as quick to get to Galway as it is to get to Wexford!! Are these counties afraid of more competition? I would be surprised if Munster refused them entry.

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Agree 100% - only in the GAA does rubblish like this happen, where one of only 8 or so top counties is half in a province … tear up the whole bloody lot and start again.

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Good, let them ■■■■ off to munster. They wont be winning any medals there to flog on ebay anyway. The only reason Galway are in our championship is for the benefit of Galway, not the LHC. We have facilitiated them, and let the Connaught Provincial Council off the hook in the process - if they had won an All Ireland it would have been a victory for the purposeful neglact of Hurling in the western province.

They dont even run a Championship anymore - at least Ulster Still run theirs. Why reward this with allowing Galway sharpen themselves in Leinster? What good does it do the development of Hurling in Leinster, which is the sole role of the Provincial Council when it comes to Hurling there? What respect or ambition has any Galway player got for a Leinster Medal?

Sod them, and the boat they floated in on.


Agree100%. They can do one and head off to Munster. Don’t think Munster will take them anyway and if they did would be on same terms as Leinster. Galway being in Leinster is of no benefit to Leinster.

Situation has now become farcical with Kerry playing in Leinster next year.

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Its not farcical at all, it’s a botched attempt to fix a farcical competition structure. Really the competition structures are holding hurling and football back at this stage.

Will agree that championship structures very badly need fixing. Kerry being in Leinster is however farcical when they are from province that actually has its own & competitive hurling competition.

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oddly enough, i can understand the likes of Kerry and Antrim getting in - they need help and being in the round robin stage in Leinster will be good for them. Galway do not need help like they do, which is why they get a QF spot next year.