Game of Thrones

Well , any fans here ? Enjoyed that first episode . Lots of stuff revealed straight out the bat .

haven’t watched it yet, have it recorded. expecting almost everyone to be killed off by the end and assume there will be a twist.

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Very solid episode . It’s going to be a great finale to the whole thing.

Hope so, i’m almost expecting to be disappointed by the end in a way. the overall plot of dead v living is kinda less interesting then the smaller sub plots all along whereas this season will probably be just BIG. But no other way to wrap it all up i guess.

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It will be hard to please everyone . And they have no problem killing off popular characters . But the last episode will be epic which should be the battle .

Great episode, the less the night walkers are in it the better. I am fully expecting huge twists and lots if not all the main characters to be killed off.
So many beautiful women in it. My fav is Daenerys though. My god she is a cracker


Thought it was boring enough til the last ten minutes, certainly not worth staying up til after 3 for :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

There wasn’t going to be any major action in the first ep. They were just gonna set up a few things , they did that & more !

Watched it this morning after I dropped the kids to school, stay up til after 3???

I thought it was exciting, but it is one of the things I didn’t like about the program overall, there is TOO much going on, but it should see them all tying in together now


Agree, the less dragons and zombies the better, the earlier seasons were better for it I think. More backstabbing & politics and boobs.

Problem here is that this is the shortest season of the lot . Some of the eps are supposed to be a bit longer than the hour . But they will have to cram alot in . After watching it last night , they certainly aren’t hanging around to draw out some plot lines . They simply dont have the time .

Runtimes for Game of Thrones season eight are:

  • Winterfell – 54 mins
  • Episode two – 58 mins
  • Episode three – 82 minutes
  • Episode four – 78 minutes
  • Episode five – 79 minutes
  • Episode six – 79 minutes

Now you tell me? I might start watching it, so.

It has a lot, there was a nice scene in the latest episode too where Bronn was about to get into a foursome but was interrupted :grinning: Still plenty of boobs on view

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It might as well be called tits and dragons.

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Watch it live on sky Atlantic, should have waited, me mates are spoiling hoors though

Solid solid episode. Roll on the next one. Some amount of kaniving going on :joy:

A bit too much rom com in the middle there

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“That fucking family.”

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Some great one liners in it.

Tyrion “ I have balls and you do not” :rofl: he’s some man.

I thought more would have happened in that episode because as said they are running out of time to tie it all together. Expect the pace will pick up rapidly from here on in. The rom com bits in the middle were pointless.

Small Spoiler Alert****

In fact there’s a bit of a plot hole in it when a certain someone gets on the dragon and heads off for a romantic spin. Why didn’t she question how at ease the dragon is with him on it? Obviously the viewers know why but she didn’t seem to flinch. Maybe she knows more than she lets on???

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