Get Dublin outta Croker 2019 style

The old thread on this was locked … so … using @apollo’s post to kick it off.

As long as we play in #theNellorNowhere I don’t mind one bit!

But it will be interesting to see if other counties back the motion. The issue hasn’t arisen in a national context before but has in a Leinster context when counties have always been happy for Dublin to be in Croke Park (€€€). I’d imagine the bean counters in HQ would be very upset to see Dublin taken out of Croker. Mind you our ‘home’ game v Roscommon attracted a relatively low attendance of just over 33,240 last year - but that’s still well over 20,000 more than you’d get in Parnell Park, and in times of dwindling attendances 20,000 people is a fair bit of moolah. Also consider that the ‘home’ game could just as easily be the likes of Mayo or Tyrone - teams that would attract near capacity crowds. 10,000 in Parnell - or 80,000 in Croker. I’d say Donegal aren’t top of the Christmas card list in HQ.

As I said I don’t care and would prefer Parnell for the atmosphere but there is a practicality here and a decision to not allow a team use Croke Park as a home venue could have far reaching consequences into the future. Suppose Meath or Kildare come good and start attracting large crowds and then their Super 8 game v Mayo or Tyrone can’t be held in Navan or Newbridge because of refurbishment? What’s good for one and all that.


Something leftfield that I’ve been thinking about…

If we were to draw Tyrone in our HOME Super8 game, offer to play it in Lansdowne Road as the narrow pitch will find favour with Mickey Whiskers :smiley:

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Good points and it’s worth noting Donegal played an Ulster final not too long ago in Croke Park when the Ulster council were looking for more €€€. The only advantage I see in Dublin playing all championship games in Croke Park is travel for players and fans…it’s a big plus also for the Dublin board not to have to fund a big stadium but all that is an accident of geography, economics and history rather than the fault of Dublin GAA.

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On behalf of Sky TV, I would like to confirm that MH was correct - and you were wrong.

I’d also like to warn you in advance that the next time you play in HP, there will be fox holes all over the pitch.

This is to accommodate the ground level TV cameras.

And the away changing room will be closed due to essential refurbishment. As will the toilets.

A very plausible
Mr Sky.


We probably could fund a big stadium @mayoman but imo it would be an awful waste of money - that could be far better spent. I’d sooner that money helped Dublin clubs who have massive and unique challenges (availability, price) in acquiring lands and developing facilities (see Children’s Hosp).

The reality is that if Dublin left Croke Park for Spring Series then the stadium would be empty for men’s competitions (barring club finals) from September 1 til June of the following year.

One white elephant in the city is enough.


Unless it can be used for something else throughout the year…:that’s all it’d be.

Plus there’s lots of planning issues.

The new Casement Park looks brilliant…but even after consultation with residents, it’s still stuck at planning phase.

People might enjoy going to a new fancy stadium…not many want it on their door step.


A Croke Park with a roof is an idea I’d fully back if feasable…while costly considering the pitch size and the fact the stands would need to be competed all the way around, just think of all the events that could be held there plus it could be closed for bad weather days here which are most days.

We cant afford a new stadium. It will only get planning with motorway access and that means altering an existing exit or providing a new one.

Then development land prices in dublin which are unobtainable before you spend your €100million on the ground, at least.

Never let the gaa media forget their years of campaigning for croke park to be occupied and used over winter and spring. Now they want it empited again.

Besides, no matter what the international stats say about “home advantage” the reality for dublin is that those stats are skewered. Is it home advantage in a double header when there are three sets of suppporters against you? When your major provincial rivals play championship as often as dublin does? Or mayo two years ago being in cp as often as we were?

Also, there are no stats to suggest that playing dublin outside of croke park in championship puts dublin at any disadvantage. I think thurles against kerry in the replay and before that it was 80, 81?

Same with the league, we were undefeated away last year, in fact i think it was 2015 we lost two away league matches - since we started taking the league seriously (and does this year count in that regard?)

So the whole theory doesnt stack up.

I had to laugh hearing tonight that keiran doheney was moaning that if the wins we had agaisnt them in the all ireland were in kilarney or tralee they would have won a few of them.

Now, lets leave aside the notion of playing the all ireland in tralee, i dont remember kerry moaning about playing us in croke park in the 70/80s and espacially last decade.

You really couldnt make that up, if we had a proper functioning gaa media he would be laughed out of it, but he wont.


Pretty much sums it up . It was never an issue until we started winning AIs recently . Every excuse under the sun been peddled out because they simply cannot come to terms we were / are better than them . Its the height of denial . Its a stark example of how they reacted after the win at the weekend . Kerry teams in the past never would have done that.

Seriously? What a clown.

I’m sure if United got to play the FA Cup Final in OT or Liverpool at Anfield they’d have won a few more.

I’d say Spillane & Co are morto.

Build a big 100,000 stadium in Athlone and we’ll all play there - except Westmeath.

That’ll keep everyone happy, Let’s move the Govt there too. And the zoo. Michael D. Guinness …


Save yourself the expense.

There’s a big building called Stormont that does fukc all. Use away at it.


If Mayo didn’t have to play Kerry down beside them in Limerick in 2014 with a “home” ref we might have beaten them too. Also add in Kerry’s easy All Ireland’s against us when Mayo never showed up. Such is life Kieran

Y’know…there was such a buzz in 03-08 when Tyrone won. It meant so much it’s hard to describe.

But I always thought it was mean of their fans.

They said pretty much everything: puke football, dirty, cynical, bullies, gym monkeys.

The only thing they couldn’t say is that Tyrone had the better team.


They arent call animals for nothing. Pat you on the head when they are beating ya , the most begrudging shower when they lose .


As a fan I’ve genuinely no issue in acknowledging the better team.

It’s only a football game.

But there’s a pile of Kerry fans - including ex-players - who struggle at being gracious. I’m sure many agree with KD.

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Ah mayo man you nearly a dub on this stage # Stockholm syndrome.


As you know I am a big fan of Tyrone football … I wasn’t mad about the 2003 version, probably liked the 2005 version for what they did to our friends but the 2008 edition was a complete team laced with class footballers. Our drubbing in the rain was possibly the start of the recovery even if we did take a hammering a year later as well. I can’t say I liked all the team individually but as a unit they were excellent and I have huge regard for Conor Gormley, Philly Jordan, Enda McGinley, the Dooher lad, Tommy McGuigan, Kevin Hughes and … I have to say … Sean Cavanagh. Oh and the wonderful Stephen O’Neill who was a ringer for a lad I worked with at the time - also called Stephen - who had no idea about who this SON double was until I enlightened him. We did well on it. :wink:


Anyone got an idea of the rent we pay to play the league games in croker?

Gracias. Some deadly players there.

The thing I’ve learned…is that even when you have a scut in your team…you still love him.

Because he’s part of the success, part of the team and is prepared to do whatever it takes. Fans like that.

In the AI final and in the game against Kerry…J Cooper got a massive cheer.

I always liked defenders. Probably because I wasn’t skillful but I could tackle. And I’m competitive.

Favourite Armagh player was Francie Bellew. Fav Dublin player is Philly. Fav Mayo is L Keegan. They’re all winners.

Ricey was a panto villain and no doubt he played to the gallery and milked his bad boy image. But after Meath 7 years before…he was hard and nasty. And the Gooch hated playing against him.

Sure what more do you want?

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