Get It Off Your Chest

Some of you may have seen me post this through twitter but my friend and fellow Dublin season ticket holder, Siobhán Geraghty, was the victim of a hit-and-run outside her house in Clonsilla last Sunday.

Thankfully, she has had a really good week and the prospects of her making a full recovery has much improved.

Fingers crossed that the person who carried out this act will have the decency to hand themselves in to the Gardaí

That’s brilliant news Dave .
Unfortunately two hopes of the scum who hit her handing themselves in voluntary , taxi driver who dropped her off best bet of catching them I would think .

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Great to hear Siobhan is improving. Please God she continues her recovery and hopefully our lads can assist in that by giving her lots of reasons to smile this Summer.

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Sorry to hear about that terrible incident Dave, I really wish your friend a full recovery. Hard to believe in a quiet estate, I know it well, my sister lives there

Cheers lads, the Gardaí made an arrest yesterday and were questioning a man in his 40s so hopefully if it is him, he will be dealt with ASAP & we can all concentrate on Siobhan’s recovery.


i’m only 200 yards from Lohunda and hadnt heard that story. Best wishes to Siobhan.

My best wishes too. Great to hear she is recovering.

DCR, good to hear, long may it last! Hope her recovery is full and healthy!

She is now out of intensive care and in high dependency, she’s a true fighter. So fecking proud of her!


Tús maith, leath na hoibre!!!

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Promo there on the Sunday Game , how many clips did they show of teams scoring against Dublin :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:, my paranoia has officially kicked off for the championship :sweat_smile:

Meath man arrested in Westport after heated row with locals over the 1996 All-Ireland Final

“Clip by Muscular Christianity”??! Had to laugh at that, he was originally agreeing to pay €100 to the Mayo team! :laughing:

What’s the deal with these compressed deodorants?? What a load of nonsense! They are [allegedly] squeezing extra nicely smelling stuff into smaller containers … but why?

Is there a worldwide shortage of standard size deodorant aerosol cans? Is the reduced size really going to make a difference to your bathroom cabinet? Perhaps you can buy a much bigger razor … or more moisturiser?

But the biggest nonsense? You are not going to spray yourself with the reduced equivalent to offset the compression. For instance if you normally take 9 sprays and you buy the brilliant new 33% extra compressed product you are not going to take just 6 sprays. It is just not going to happen! You will always take your 9 sprays - and may even take a sly 10th. So then the whole compressed deodorant idea is futile. You are actually using even more.deodorant and paying a little more too - for the extra.

So what happens is you are apparently getting more deodorant but are also using more so will buy more so it will cost you more. So it’s a bad deal all round. My advice? Stay away from compressed deodorant - it stinks.

Smaller cans = less spent on manufacturing = greater profits.

I see the ongoing psycho-drama which is our relationship to 1916 is today playing itself out again in the form of a remembrance service for British soldiers killed during Easter Week.


Less waste? As far as I’m aware deodarant cans etc can’t be recycled

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Think its a con job tbh , its like them making the chocolate bars smaller for calorie purposes . You can’t get a decent bar of chocolate these days , those multi packs are a disgrace . They should have two categories . Adult & children size . I’m all on for preventing obesity but at least allow people to have a choice without ripping them off as well :confused:

Fat chance of that happening …

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Large bars of Galaxy only 1.50 in Tescos & Suuuuuper Valu. And in a recycle-friendly paper wrapper n all!

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