Get It Off Your Chest

I’d say there are a few highly placed people in politics, cops and the judiciary who are still in the Mansfield’s debt.

Flabbergasting how the oul fella got away with it for so long and not one single journalist had the balls to write about it. None of them, even the so-called radicals and exposers/

Simply proper order from you. The buck has to stop and start somewhere for any individual.
Hope your ankle on the mend? I had a similar injury about ten years ago, agony and weeks of hobbling

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Sounds like they have fock all evidence. Meanwhile Halawa is a hero. Nonsense.

I m grand now Al thanks. Still slightly sore but I m a quick healer. I m sitting the 5 a side out till post Xmas though.

Is that because of the ankle or because you’ll be in the pub instead?

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A bit of culture:

you simply couldn’t make this up. He literally has got away with this.

Here’s the response to the ‘mass immigrant sexual crimes claims’ of my nephew in Norway, a journalist who runs a couple of media outlets, and who some years ago went to Eritrea and sneaked out photos and video (after being arrested and held for two weeks) of female genital circumcision/mutilation. He has lived in Norway and Sweden most of his life, county Clare for a few years when young, and travelled the world:

My long awaited reply to this is that, to be honest, I have no idea! I haven’t really heard much about alleged cover ups like this, probably partly because there isn’t a big debate about that here in Norway (as far as I’ve noticed at least, apart from possibly among far right commentary field, pardon my French, twats), and partly because it sounds like a conspiracy theory (which I ignore by default). Having said that, I have some vague recollection of reading something about that being a debate thing in Sweden. I wouldnæt be surprised if the media was careful, and maybe too careful in reporting the immigrant or not background of ppl committing certain types of sexual crimes, but the people complaining about that seem to me to often be people that are relatively virulently ant-immigrant from the get-go. Having said that it’s important to try to be as open as possible in order to diagnose a problem, and if there are way more immigrants doing sexual crimes then that is something that probably should be taken account of in myopinion. Having said THAT though, while in Norway most ambush rapes (in the parks, streets etc with people the victim didn’t know from before) are done by immigrants, most rapes in general are done by Norwegians (usually at parties or in relationships).


The IFA with the right idea instead of those yahoos last week

I was scuttling on a lorry many years ago… He broke hard, I fell off and a car hit me… unconscious for 10 hours and in hospital for weeks… Never got a penny…

Theres a few bob to made scutting on the Luas.

jesus, leo overpromising again!!

if you listen to the gemmaroids malmo should resemble Berlin in April 1945 for all the bombs the immigrants let off.

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I see the Guards lifted a couple of her buddies in Kilkenny the other day :rofl:.

Aul Gemma hiding behind her phone of course and no doubt if she gets lifted it’ll be all part of a “globalist conspiracy”

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they put special slippy paint on to stop that

Jaysus. Havent heard that term in a while.

I grew up in flats near the north strand and it was the done thing. Never done it myself though. The ice-cream truck was the most used scutting vehicle that I recall.

Broke my arm on Xmas eve 1978 aged 7. Sliding on ice , was going to sue Santa but advised I wouldn’t win.

commer vans, they had a great stepped out rear bumper.

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We used to call it naffing at the time… Spent years at it for the thrill until I got knocked down.