Get It Off Your Chest

Think you may have misinterpreted my original post , there’s no balancing out , scum
Is scum I was pointing out that there’s a low life element up north and it’s on both sides and it’s driven by ignorance hatred and a lust for violence all disguised as patriotism

Fucking apes

Makes my blood boil.

That ad, the welsh brothers spending the inheritance attending rugby games. It’s on heavy rotation due to the 6 nations but is there any chance their money will soon run out…

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Sold for 110k. And then resold for 1.3 million. Mother of Jaysus. Are we the thickest ■■■■■ In Europe?

They should of moored that up and as used as a temporary hoe hostel or something or sold it to the tourist board.

Was half thinking of paying the sub for the indo then i realized that i would be paying to subsidise these 2 arse clowns ,apologies to Martha Devlin

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How many journos quit and left Pug doing politics? Do they show elections on GAAGo now?

Pugsy and the Billy Goat

Billy goat only writes about three things. The Kerry hurt and the hunger. How Dublin are billionaires. And I’m Johnny sextons godfather and he texted me five weeks ago.

You left out how Bernard Brogan’s ma is from Kerry. And so is Al Brogan’s ma. And Bernard Brogan’s wife.

Fucking hell

It would work. It has for every animal we’ve tried it with.

That’s a very very different question from should we do it.

Agree. Of course it would work but it’s a very differnt question of whether we should practice it

Beeko used to do it every Friday night in a pub at the back of the old Edenmore shops

Couldn’t be arsed trawling back to see wtf yiz are talking about.
Joke’s lost on me.

Not for the first time … :smirk:

I am a bit lost myself but they were discussing Eugenics (was Annie Lennox the lead singer) and I think the reference might be to a fine bar of a similar name in Éadan Mór.

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I think that’s what they called the karaoke competition there. They would put master musical creations and optimally beautiful sounds and alongside people with absolutely no genetic tonal or musical ability whatsoever.

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Lump hammers. No Gardai. That’s what they deserve.

Poured petrol over his estranged wife and kids before setting them alight and killing himself by plunging a knife into his chest