Get It Off Your Chest

Physical definition of hipster ■■■■■

If you have money, you can break the law.

Aah come on … you must have been somewhat prepared for the miniopolos that is An Lár and environs !?:open_mouth:
Via the TV or travel books etc … or do you perhaps not have a TV ?

I’m fairly familiar as I lived there for a while.

But for a 7/8 yr old waking the length of O’Connell St who’d never been there before…it can be scary. Even seeing homeless people is something you don’t really see out of large cities.

Even now, I find Dublin a bit overwhelming. I’m grand going to the places I know. But I find driving hairy due to shear volume of traffic and people.

And of course we have TVs! Sure they’re playing Jaws1 in the local village hall.


Ah, I see … there can indeed be some hard cases and sad sights of human suffering that would indeed have an impact, especially so on young children.

ps Careful with Jaws … that big blue watery bit for uninitiated landlocked Tyrone folks is the ocean :smirk:

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Whoa! I’ll have you know Tyrone borders Lough Neagh…the biggest lough in Europe !

If you play Ardboe or Brocagh in May you get ate alive.

In fairness it’s grey and polluted. But you can see the Mournes on a clear day.

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Poached eels …
See what I did there :smirk:

Think that’s the only thing edible from the lough - if you’re game enough.

A pair of pricks more like it. I was watching a show on Netflix, someone feed Phil or something like that and these 2 appeared on the Irish trip. I had to turn it off it was that cringey

Indeed. Pair of pricks along with all of RTE and their book z list celebrities. The same formula rolled out again and again. Make a show on ‘ ‘staycation’ Must have the following.

Rugby player
DWTSaff winner
Nuala Carey (need to keep her busy)
Curved ball (Maybe Mary morrisey showing if his beech bod?)

Rathkeale eh. I wonder who could have been behind these…


No prizes for answering that question…

I feel a song coming on


loads of dogs going here, boss. cultured ones and all.

at least they were still alive and not used for betting on in fucking fights.

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Any comment from Martin Collins on this?

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Laura Whitmore and her new podcast series interviewing a young lassie from the British Army

Doesn’t understand her history only the dirty ££££££

Sorry @GuyIncognito, I know you have a thing for her :joy:

Still not enough to kick her out of bed :grin::grin:

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I’m sure the blame will be put back on the ‘settled folk’.

Laura Britmore…


Terrorist scum…should be taken out.