Get It Off Your Chest

I always thought you were more of a fruit and nut case man, Al. :wink:

I’m certainly ‘for the birds’! :open_mouth:

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Ah I’m harking back to the days of a proper sized Wispa or Mars Bar , sad times indeed.

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Pepe :rage:

Hard to believe that a very ordinary Real have won 2 of the last 3 CL Finals - with no La Liga in 4 seasons. How can a team with Marcello (not even approaching a full back), Pepe (as you said), an extremely ordinary Ramos and tonight a fella wearing 7 who loves nothing except himself be so successful??

Bayern and Barca fans everywhere must be throwing their newspapers out the window and tearing up their TVs. There is not a huge gulf to the PL really. Will be interesting to see what Pep brings to City in a European context.

But soccer is in a shitty place and continues to travel in a downward direction.

RTÉ showing the highlights on the Sunday Game when it was part of the live game earlier. I think the evening show should focus on the non-live games.

We talk of handy All Irelands, Madrid did not play one team that has ever won the champions league or any team that finished in the top two of their domestic leagues this year on the way to their win. On top of that they get an offside goal, Athletico miss a peno, their goalie fails to save a peno in the shoot out, it has to be destiny.

Headline in tomorrow’s Marca

Bitter Irish Barca Fan Tries to Demean Real’s Superb Record Breaking CL Win …:wink:

Same old same old. I could applaud Atletico for getting there but I can’t, my gut feeling on it was football was the loser both years, just as when Inter & Chelski kicked their way to wins in past years. It’s also the fault of the more attacking teams for not finding a way. I didn’t watch either of the Atletico-Real finals, very good contests no doubt but not inspiring prospects from a football point of view, and there was always the sense that the outcome was inevitable despite the closeness of the games. Not to mention the fact that play-acting was always going to be at the max

Why didnt the ref book Pepe the second time? He stood looking at him shaking his head so surely he should have booked him!

Real should have had that game killed off, clearly better team overall. The peno decision was a bit of a joke. Very good equaliser in fairness.
What annoys me somewhat about Atletico is they defended like snarling dervishes to create an impregnable wall against Barca & Bayern, then in the first few minutes against Real they defended like amatuers and should ahve been 2-0 down

Purely playing devil’s advocate here, there was contact so could he yellow card him for simulation?

You can yellow even when contact. It was embarrassing stuff. Also the amount of these lads getting cramp, Bale spent the whole of extra time stretching. It was a hot night but I thought it was crazy the amount of them cramping up.

I was at the game, as a match it was terrible but as an event it was immense. The atmosphere was electric and both sets of fans were brilliant. The only soccer match I have been to where the crowd was mixed and there wasn’t a hint of trouble. A really good atmosphere in the city and at the ground.

Security around the train stations and in the main squares in the city was really tight. Armed police everywhere. For anyone going to the Euros I would expect the same x10 in France.

Agree about the cramp thing, mad compared to sports where so much more stamina is endured.

I’d imagine the main cramp issue where soccer players are concerned would be in the wrist area …

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Clattenberg was way too lenient on Pepe. I loved when Koke gave away an early free kick for a high foot… Pepe goes running towards him gesturing to the referee but Koke just stares back at Pepe as if the say “Keep coming, keep coming… I’m ready”… Pepe stopped.

Contagious :expressionless:

Siobhán returned home from hospital last Thursday but she still has a long recovery ahead of her. This should probably be in the “All Positive” thread though

Jaysus, I was expecting to see a different name on that report. So similar