Get It Off Your Chest

“Chelsea-branded baseball bat”.

Do you think he voted for brexit ??? Looks like a remainer to me.


Irish people who since about the early 1990s have decided to speak like young, rich Californians. Like, OMG what actually is that? LOL!! Like, totally. Like, totally? Like, OMG! It’s like, is that actually a thing?

There are times when I hear the questioning inflection at the end of every other sentence, just after yet another “like”, that I just want to, like, totally smack their, like, actual face? Aaaaarrrrrggghhhhhh

Like OMG, what’s wrong with your own, original, like, f.cking accent you moronic f.cking, actual, like sheep?


That carry on has been going on since the '70’s on the Southside.

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True. But they can go and fook, never any hope there. It’s the decline and submission of our own that makes me mad and sad.

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All is changed. Changed utterly. A terrible…

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Wait till vocal fry makes it over the Atlantic…

The aul baseball bat.
Feck all people play the sport on this side of the globe but everytime there’s a row someone has one.

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First year students on public transport take on a more severe form overnight

The dumbing down process is well underway.

Rampant here.

The lad on the ad for ‘Three’ who says you can have ‘All you can eat dayda’ (data) - I’d really love to smash him open. Sorry but I would.



I don’t condone hitting a child but sounds like this brat got what she deserved. How can tow rags be allowed to continue to terrroize a shopping center without punishment…f’in ridiculous


You need a license for a dog. But anyone can have a child.

Hitting? No. But some fairly brutal physical manual labour would be fine.

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The fact that the little shit is still at it says it all. No consequences whatsoever for them which in turn instills no fear into them

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Wrong person before the judge.

not surprised it happened in Shannon. I’ve relatives in Clare and by all accounts Shannon is a complete hole with young ones running amock.

I’m sensing a bit of airport jealousy here …

Put a Cork in it, you can’t Knock Shannon.