Get It Off Your Chest

Ah not at all…Shannon is a great airport, heavily under used.

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Shannon Airport me brown. Kip. It used to break my heart years ago when every transatlantic flight stopped at Shannon before going on to Dublin. Thankfully it’s largely by passed now.

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that may be so but its great as an airport never any hassle there no long delays at all for anything it almost like a bus station if youre doing an EU flight.

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I’m 32 which isnt that old but I really dont understand the youth of today
My 18 year old niece has BF but doesnt have his phone number. they snapchat pictures to each other when the want to chat… I really dont get it and now I feel old


It could be the secret to a long lasting marriage. Communicate through the exchange of handwritten notes. perfect.

noted you never mentioned happy … just long lasting. I agree :rofl:

Theres no happy, just compliance.


Sounds more like a ‘Friends with Benefits’ arrangement than a Boyfriend/Girlfriend situation to be honest.

Although I would love to see some of the pictures the wife would send to express “Where the fcuk are ye?” if she didn’t have my mobile number! :grinning:

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A younger friend of mine told me his GF uses Snapchat to keep track of him

My nephew is the same, he was in the states for the summer and had to get a new phone over there, he didn’t get it unlocked so can’t use an Irish sim card but isn’t bothered, he just uses snapchat, messenger and Insta for chatting or whatever, but he also needs wifi to do that. We were in Madrid for the champions league final together and my phone was nicked. Some pain in the hoop trying to find wifi so I could let the misses know we were still alive!

This is the same niece who made him a medium rare chicken fillet for dinner one night because thats how he likes his steaks


Yes I am a married man… how did ya guess?

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On a more humorous note , collected a dog from Dogs trust three weeks ago , after four visits , photographs of my back garden , 20 min questionnaire, all members of family visiting to meet new dog . registering with a vet and buying of a dog licence , finally arrive to collect only to go through one hour power point presentation with dog adoption officer .
Then we were allowed the dog
I turned to my wife as we exited the car park and said " all I had to do to collect you and the two boys from the Rotunda was pay the parking meter"


its good in a way the hoops they make you jump through though to weed out people who aren’t sure about owning a dog and more importantly the c*nts who use them as bait

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Speaking to my lads I mentioned the Kipling quote
"If you can meet success and failure and treat them both as impostors, then you are a balanced man, my son.”
Tomorrow we will be on either cloud 16 or knee deep in tears ,success or failure we are probably saying goodbye to some great players that almost feel like family , regardless in the emotion of it all I hope they get the send off their dedication deserves, we may never get the chance to thanks again


No issue whatsoever, they are called dogs trust and their existence is to ensure not just that dogs get a good home but get the right home.
The stories I heard while trying to get our dog where anything from sad to horrific

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If you search for long lasting and marriage together ‘long suffering’ comes up.

I hope, for the dog’s sake, that Dublin win tomorrow.

We went to dogs trust when we were looking for a dog, and all that shite put us off. Just went and bought off a lad in Edenmore through donedeal in the end (@beeko??)

Side note, sorry I ever bothered. Ended up costing me a grand to get the bitch over here to Spain

Jaysus no need to bring your missus into it…

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