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Your joking, she cost a lot more than that!! I’m like a human ATM to her

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Whats the difference between your flute and your xmass bonus , she will blow your xmass bonus


I went to Dogs trust …was put off by the whole thing…DSPCA up the Dublin mountains much better and easier to deal with…
have the dog fours years delighted with him…

I asked the dog, he said it was 28 years…


Dogs Trust claim they don’t have a policy of putting dogs down . I was told recently they out source that gruesome task to Ashtown Kennels who have a few groups after them trying to shut the place down . The stories I’ve heard about the place are horrendous .

There is a charity called dogs aid, out behind ballymun, run by a woman called Maggie. They don’t put down their animals.

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IHe says my company does that…he has a woof time

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Not getting into an argument on here about a dog from Dogs trust , got me dog = happy

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A friend of mine is a vet nurse and a fervent animal rights activist. She has dealings with Dogs Trust and has nothing but highest of praise for them. Our dog ran away one night (lucky bollox) and he was handed into Dogs trust, they treated him royally until we picked him up! I think they’re a great service and we contribute a monthly DD to them.


Hear hear. Dogs Trust do great work and I also give a monthly amount to them ( they were very persuasive outside Super Value in Finglas one Saturday)

How does the cat feel about that?

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Can’t speak for anyone else my experience was overall positive, I spoke to a lady who works there who got what’s known as a project dog ( badly abused with issues) she finally got to bring her dog home, her son a keen GAA player every time he took his hurl out the dog at the sight of it pissed the floor , eventually through treats ( positive reinforcement) etc the dog got to associate the hurl with something good and got over his phobia,they may be OTT but us humans can and have inflicted such pain n misery on our canine friends if each mutt finds a suitable home that’s a result , there are some dogs there who will never leave one dog three years on , is institutionalized as in Shawshank and been returned every time , can’t make it on the outside I kid you not

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Fine, she’s non binary (or something)!

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Our first 2 dogs were rescue dogs from paws. The 1st was a beautifully timid pointer, who as soon as she heard a man’s voice, crouched and pissed on the floor. It took years for her to get used to me, in her last years, she was the most loving thing you could ever meet. Her name was Molly (Malone).

Our 2nd dog, who we got a few months after Molly was a Shepard cross (naturally we called him Sam!). He was very aggressive, and he had burn marks all over his body, where the absolute Cnut who had him before, was putting out cigarettes on him. He had cuts and bruises all over him. The poor dog only knew that defensive actions were his only method, but he was one of the smartest dogs I ever met. He knew within a couple of weeks that we were a loving family, and adjusted so quickly.

We had them for 11 years or so, they both died within a month of each other. We were heartbroken, especially when it coincided with the death of my dad, 2 uncles and a big loss for my family in another personal way. Those 3 months were the worst of our lives. So what to do, but get another dog. 2 years later!

We didn’t go to the charities this time, but in 2015 we got this dog that we were told was going to be put down because he was the runt of the litter. Oh god. He’s a gorgeous mutt, but bless him, he has no intelligence AT ALL. NONE. He knocks the kids over, he eats his own shit, he runs into doors, he sees something he wants and goes for it, no matter how perilous it is to his safety… This dog (Rocky… Do you see a trend here?) will probably mean that we will not get a large dog again. He is such hard work, and having a kid with special needs, means that it will be a long time before we get a dog again. Unless it’s to help the SN child.

So in short, dogs are great, and people who hurt them are cnuts.

Just had to, as the title of this thread says… Thanks for listening.



Great post sir.


I can’t be coping with posts like that the night before an AI final.


My lads a 10 month old short haired pointer ( no issues) absolute pet , he has one brown eye one blue , his name is Bowie


Enjoy the mutt Damo. They are so way more loyal than humans. Treat them nice, they’ll love you unconditionally! Deadly

I still give a monthly donation in an ex from about 3 years agos name… I think she still gets letters updating her about how the dog I sponsor is doing… I must change that :joy::joy:


That’s brilliant!!!