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Michelin dining will slowly become a thing of the past in my view

Not just Michelin. 3 coffee shops/restaurants gone on Swords main street in the last week alone. Plenty more to follow.

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It’s carnage really . How anyone makes a buck in the hospitality business now is anyone’s guess unless you own the premises

Once you rent or lease it’s nearly impossible


all to be replaced with costa’s or starbucks.

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Grafton street has another Starbucks right at the bottom now

That’s 4 Starbucks in a half kilometre . Chatham street , Stephen’s green centre , dame street and grafton street …

Manky coffee jesus


Hopefully we’ll be out celebrating for the bulk of those Sunday nights. And thank fcuk they’ve left the hurling alone, for now

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All we need now is Gregg’s from the UK. Sadly, FFG are holding us down while global corporates hollow out our communities and take what they want. It’s shockingly sad.

Over this way they aren’t even replaced.

This is exactly correct, the only places surviving is premises owned places. Landlords putting rent up, running costs escalating daily.
Place we used to rent 10 odd years ago(good few ressers and a decent aul session there one night, the original cabal), the owners of the premises took it over about 3 years ago after 2 more attempts at it after we left, which was because our lease was up and my wife was pregnant, so we made the decision to wrap it up, anyway, he has been doing OK, but constantly looking to change it to try offer more than the kitchen was capable of, instead of concentrating on one area. Anyway, was talking to him over xmas when I was back and he said they have closed it down because of the utility costs, his electric had gone from 1200 to almost 4K per month. That’s a full time position, just not sustainable.
He’s turned them to apartments and letting them on air BnB making more money than he ever made running it as a restaurant!


adrian weckler the indo ‘tech’ writer stealing a living if ya ask me.

Given bail…


It’s the Garda’s own fault for stopping him in the first place. If he had just minded his own business none of this would have happened. Who’s going to pay the fork lift driver for loss of earnings?
There’s far too much of this carry on going on. Gardai interfering in peoples lives.
Bail?? They should have given Mr. Forklift the $1500 for the inconvenience.


I don’t really get the whole bail arrangement, especially if some sort of custodial sentance is about to be handed down. It just seems like a way to make a few quid to offset the cost of imprisonment.

I presume maiming a cop is do not pass go.

Garda beeped and glared me out of it this am but when I pointed out I was doing nothing wrong by being in the yellow box he swiftly moved on and he then proceeded to almost knock a cyclist off their bike by overtaking them while being too close to them .

The whole thing was clearly the cyclist’s fault.

I didn’t realise Mercedes made forklifts

Well there’s a shocker.