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Back again this morning seemingly

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He really is an entitled knob end. He believes that his right to superstition/religion trumps everyone elses rights. Leave him out in the rain, if he enters the premises arrest him and drop him to a Garda station in west Cork to make his way home, he’ll eventually get the message


How long would West Cork have to lodge an appeal?

48 hours under the Official Guide Part 1 (2022) :upside_down_face:

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They should power hose the external wall. Every day if necessary.

Brainwashed more like, can’t help himself, quite compelled.

Everyone’s favourite Judge once again

An elderly bachelor died in south mayo last week. His house was broken into a few weeks ago. Of course nothing can be proved but the stress, trauma and fear many believe led to his death. These criminal gangs need to be stopped.


Can someone please tell me how this judge is not been investigated?

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I’m surprised there hasn’t been more Padraig Nally style incidents

True…I hope it does not happen for the sake of the homeowner/landowner but I believe it will happen again.

Never judge a book by it’s cover and all that, but he looks like he’s a lovely chap…

Trans woman my bollocks. Rape two women. Next day, say you are a woman. They put you in a woman’s prison!

Trans woman rapist Isla Bryson moved to male prison

Or her bollocks…


Or no bollocks…

Why? Did they make a balls up of the operation?

If they did I hope they got the sack as well.

Awful shower of nutjobs !

That’s very goolyish

Things are getting hairy now! But once the rapist gets off, sure grand!