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It should be like a licence that you need to renew every year and once your vetted that’s it you don’t need to be vetted for each organisation whether it’s in a professional or voluntary role that currently is in place.

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Yeh definitely amount of vetting needed for different sites workwise then club stuff is off the wall.

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Yeh but that then becomes another cost that is levvied by organisations which means that the top brass cream off even more.
And it’s still not well implemented, tokenism, so adds little good to the equation. Also increases admin work & delays

It is disgusting and demented for this to happen. If you rape, then identify as female, you get to live your fantasy in a female prison. What is focking wrong with people???

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The world is fucked. Live he best life ya can while ya can. In another five years we won’t be allowed to write posts like yours or mine expressing any sort of negativity to the new ‘Normal’


I will fight this forever. It is wrong.

Be lucky to be able to do anything without monitoring and twisted rules in future.
But as Thom Yorke said, which could be applied to us all, “you do it to yourself, you do”.

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Bullshit baffles brains. So our teacher would say.

That otherwise intelligent people can be convinced of ridiculous ideas.

Like art buffs staring at a dot on a wall wondering what it means.

How can a Judge send a man who threatened to rape, kill and torture women - to a women’s prison. Because he identifies as a woman.

Educated halfwits. My old teacher was right.


Monkey see, monkey do, as one of our finest used to witter

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One of me oul dears favorite quotes. Along with he is a lazy ■■■■■■■ wouldn’t scratch himself.

So the school agreed to a teen’s request to change gender, in terms of pronouns, without even asking parents? This is the horrific fockery that ensues when the trans narrative takes over. The parents are the legal guardians. They could, and should, sue the school.

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Invested in a macbook air? nice chief, very nice.

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God no! I wouldn’t know how to use one! That was a screen shot from Twitter!


I’ve been call worse things. Though while i hate paying the apple tax, it’s the best tools the trade for what i do.

Though i am threatening to make a hackintosh one of these days.


Young man (19) jailed after gang attack left teenager Alanna Quinn Idris blind in one eye

The scumbag will serve half that .No guessing who judge was either . Hopefully DPP will appeal the sentence.


Every criminals favourite Judge. ■■■■ me. He is a disgrace.


The judge said that Darragh Lyons participated fully in a premeditated attack involving collaboration and communication among the four involved

He said Lyons involved himself in very serious criminal behaviour and bears moral and criminal responsibility for what happened to both victims.

“Do I think he wanted her to sustain these very serious injuries,” the judge said, “I do not, but he was involved in what happened that night and culpable by common design for what occurred.”

He brought weapons with him ffs

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"The maximum sentence that could have been imposed is life in prison, but the Director of Public Prosecutions indicated the sentence should be at the higher end for the assault and recommended a starting point of between ten and 14 years before mitigation factors were taken into account

Judge Martin Nolan, however, said he thought the starting point was eight or nine years and after mitigation felt the appropriate sentence is four and-a-half years.

Sentencing him, the judge said Lyons co-operated, pleaded guilty, has no criminal record and is unlikely to involve himself in any “great criminal behaviour” in the future."