Get more of it off your chest

The epitome of that description that we are not allowed to utter in case we hurt anyone’s sensibilites.
For all you puzzle workers, it starts with a G and ends with a G. 6 letters.

I’ll say it for you.
Clarified Indian Butter Holdall. Or Geebag, for short.


I like that. Drop the h…

Can you get a holdall made from gee? Is that not unethical?

Those were the days…we won a county title back in 1997. I didn’t play in the final and was disappointed but looking back would I have rather played, had no winner and no trophy presented or winners medal? No.

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So what you’re saying is if you got a game your team would have lost?

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Here in soccer it is crazy the way kids are treated, clubs ringing parents trying to poach kids from other clubs, players dropping down to the B Team to insure they win certain games etc

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Well done GSOC round of applause


Yes most likely :see_no_evil::joy:

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Fears Dublin feud could explode after child’s grave smashed and set on fire

Special place in hell for the subhuman scum who did this .


Jail. And throw away the key.


A traffic warden. On Griffith Avenue. At a set of pedestrian lights.

Only in Ireland.

Voluntary sector?

Near Tolka Rovers or the posh end?

It’s still ridiculous. You’re driving watching the lights and now you have to watch a warden too. They’re pedestrian lights. No need at all for a warden.

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One of the countries we regularly send aid to.

Time to tell these Neanderthals to ■■■■ off

Think the aid is to help the poor people who suffer under these regimes.

This law has widespread support in Uganda.

■■■■ them.

I’d say it is high on the lists of priorities for the people staving of hunger

Didn’t hear about any famine in Uganda.

As I said. It is reported in annother article as having widespread support. If they’re going to execute people for same sex relations then ■■■■ them. Maybe they might learn some morality if they were left hungry.