Getting an authentic Aran Jumper

For many years I bought my Aran Jumpers from the Highland Shop in Great Russell Street, London. It no longer exists and my current Aran is getting a bit threadbare. I’ve seen a nice possible replacement - made in Sussex! Can any of you chaps recommend a good source for a really authentic , hand knitted Aran?

You’ll need more than a jumper to get an irish passport
(although Stephen Kenny might play you as a false 9)


I actually have managed to get an Irish passport- for which I am grateful in these ‘interesting times’.

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Standun’s in spiddal. They’re excellent. Got a few from there.


Thanks - I’m looking for a more traditional thick wool Aran.

TBH I’m a bit of an aficionado of traditional wool jumpers: I have several Guernseys and Norwegian jumpers and a number (in different colours) of the military ribbed ‘Woolly Pullies’ with elbow and shoulder patches.

But I am looking around for a nice and really traditional Aran to replace my old one.

Thanks @alanoc
I’ll google it!

Hmm … you might better contacting the AA for help with this jumper habit.
Arans Anon.


Except that I have no intention of kicking the habit. But I like the idea of Aran’s Anon👍

An Aunt (now deceased) gave me one for my 30th birthday. Serious quality. Made in Connemara. I only wear it when it’s right baltic out. Basically all winter long in this kip. I’ll be 64 in June. A good Aran Jumper is your only man.


So Connemara is the place to look for a good Aran!!!

I have had a Guernsey jumper for well over 20 years and it’s still going strong.

I got a lovely locally made wool pullover in Ardara in Donegal a few years ago. Not Aran but the best of its type I’d ever worn.

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Would it do for Sweden though? Probably too warm there…


A warm woolly jumper is impossible to beat, which is why I have so many of them! I wore my Aran for many, many years but it’s threadbare now and no longer a good fit (it’s shrunk or I’ve expanded - or both). That’s why I’m looking around for a replacement. My go-to jumpers are the Army and Navy ‘Woolly Pullies’ with ribbed wool and elbow and shoulder patches. Great for the outdoors, whether it’s long distance walking/hillwalking or watching local Rugger games outside on cold days. I can’t wait to get a new Aran however.:+1:

If I had to go to Sweden I have two bigger woolier jumpers I’d bring along with the old Aran. This is a cold kip but Sweden is definitely way too cold for my liking.


I can’t get enough of the cold, especially cold dry weather with a frost and a clear blue sky. That’s the best type of weather in Southern England. …

London heatwaves are a rehearsal for Hell👹.

And full of lunatics. Wealthy lunatics in charge of the place.

Do you mean the government :-1:, the mayo, the Russian oligarchs buying flats and leaving them empty - or all these and more?

I realise I’ve written this thinking you mean London - when you could be talking about Sweden??? Although it sounds more like London.

Sweden, ja for sure, I am Helga from Stockholm, please to help me with my roockensack?

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You’re right; I didn’t look at the arrow. Mainly because your words so accurately described London as it is now.

I enjoyed Stockholm a few years ago and would like to go up North to Sami country (taking an Aran jumper of course) …