Getting an authentic Aran Jumper

Ah look, it’s a great country with a great standard of living and many great and fine people, obvs

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Heard recently of some auld fella who didn’t believe in washing them. He’d live in his geansaí inside out and turn it about for special occasions.

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I think East Belfast has some great knitwear shops

An Orange Aran? I hadn’t thought of that👍.

Thank you - I shall have a look!

@ustix : Forgive my ignorance, but the word geansai - may I ask if it is pronounced the same way as Guernsey?

This jumper that belonged to the (?mythical) old chap: it must have pretty much taken on a life of its own, to say nothing of the smell. …

I would wager that Geansai is an Irish word for Guernsey. It would be pronounced ganzee.

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Aussie Rules tops are called “Guernseys”, I think? We have Jersey and Aran jumpers. And, though not an island, we also have Cardigans.

How do you wash your woolie jumpers Tocklishchop? I had a disaster years back with a lovely woollen hoody that somebody got me from Nepal. Shrunk it, colour ran and the dirt was still there too!!

Might have originated in Japan then?


Hand wash lightly
Dry Flat
Do not iron!!!

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I know about the Aussie Rules Guernseys!

The Channel Island Guernseys can be found at

I wear mine a lot! Great fit and very comfortable.

Jersey shirley

Dhera it may have developed another skin or two over time I suppose. This man was actual to the best of my memory and hardly alone.
Geansaí - Ghyanzee.
Now I’m out before someone asks you what you’re wearing at the minute!

@ustix : I didn’t know it was that sort of site. For what it’s worth I’m wearing the same sort of jumper as in my profile photo only Navy blue. …

Thank you for the pronunciation guide and I’m glad to hear that the old chap in question really existed!!!

Do Aran jumpers protect you from Covid?

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Now that would be nice …

I’m having my jab :syringe: mid-week!

Aran jumpers would sneeze at the covid

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