Getting to Omagh

Does anyone know of any Dublin supporters groups that will be running buses up to Omagh for the Tyrone match next Saturday evening. In the past I’ve used the FODH buses for the hurling matches. Is there any corresponding groups for the footballers?

If anyone by the name of FALCON asks for deposits, look elsewhere!

(In-house joke! Apologies)


Is Barry’s buses operating any day trips :joy:

Your best bet may be finding a pub that’s running a bus - some do.

There’s a friends of Dublin football on twitter @FriendsofDublin, try them.

JJ Kavanagh’s might run a special, via Urlingford…any word Proud Dub or Dub in Tipp?

How far from Ohmagh are you, @Ohm_Flatley?

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I read that he’s in prison for 6 months

Link please?

Is this the guy?


ps “Keogh had been a talented GAA player”… is that true>!

Sorry for off topic!

No, he is/was brutal. We played them in the league a few years back and him and the other corner back were crying they were being ate so badly

I concur. He was pure shite.

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In fairness, he probably had a swindle or two on his mind at the time.

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He was only ok. Not senior or even intermediate level. Junior s maybe.

Anybody know if tickets will even go on general sale?

Got a message from the club saying we will only get 4-6 tickets so I doubt any will be on general sale.

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Only terrace available to clubs too.

What’s the Ard Comhairle like in Healy Park? I will in my arse be standing (fcuking standing!!) beside the likes of @upthedall

The Ard Comhairle in Healy Park is more a state of mind, than an actual designated section. Much like the rest of Tyrone really.