Gills pub

Anybody know if Gills pub is ever gonna open again - I miss that kip!!

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As a chisler that was the meeting point “when” i got lost as a kid.

Nothing like lemonade and cripps as a kid whilst being at the perfect height to walk straight into a fresh guinness fart! What a kip but what a boozer!!


How many times did your oufella lose you on purpose?

Dont think it’s going to open again sadly! Looking for a bit of a singsong after the game Saturday any recommendations? Want to try stay out of the middle of town because the place will be mental will the pride parade. Anywhere around the outskirts?

Gone I believe . Hill 16 pub gone too . Red parrot

More to follow you’d expect since the covid stipend is gone

Thought I heard yesterday that Gills opens for matches only? Obvs something fishy with my hearing there …
Handball Alley bar closing is a big loss for the last-minute pint and sing-song. Red Parrot no great loss to me and mine anyway. Wasn’t there some little place down the lane along or near the Canal, access down the side of the RP?

The new one around the corner still be used for covid testing , supposed to be opening soon , although ,been hearing that for months.

Speaking of pubs, I noticed on the luas last night that the marble arch in drimnagh was lit up but the shutters were down, yet there was one door on the side open (off licence?) is it open or shut?

Open as far as i know but the local hero is looking to develop the site .

Looked as sketchy as hell.

The off license is still open.

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