Go on Monaghan

Not most sophisticated thread, perhaps, but we all know what we want.

We do. C’mon the farney. Very much like them and hope they do tbe business today. That’s what I want.


The breeze should help Galway at the start, 2nd half kick-outs should be interesting.

Kildare one point up!! :rofl:

Just, please! It would be small recompense for early teens!

According to my TV the Galway game is about one and a half minutes ahead in time. Kildare 2-1up

Monaghan putting in a great shift against a very strong breeze.

This whole thread could come and bite us all in the hole should we end up meeting them in September. I have a very bad feeling about this …


We are Dublin, respect some…Fear NONE.

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So it’s looking like Dublin V Galway next week with Kerry winning the battle to avoid last place :joy:

Jaysus, change this to the Farney Condescending thread! Bloooody 'eehhhlll.

I think Scotstown will do 5 in a row in Monaghan this fall.