Goals win games

Any idea when the rule that if you scored more goals than your opponents then points didn’t come into it.

Reading hurling giants. Great read.

Read Scéal na hIomána by Liam Ó Caithnia. Or get an Irish speaker to read some of it for you. It is the definitive history of hurling.

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I presume you’re asking when it was changed? 1892. The 1891 All Ireland Football Final (actually played in February 1892) was hugely controversial, after Dublin beat Cork on a scoreline of 2-1 to 1-9 at Clonturk. We got two goals in the first half and went blanket for the rest of the game. AFAIK it was still 21 a side then, so you can imagine what a spectacle that would have been (or the fits Pat Spillane would have had over it had he been around then). A clamber for rule change after they benefited us - sound familiar?

Whelo wants it down to 13 a side now to prevent the blanket. Strange call on SG last night

@Iomaint Must get a read of that book. Sounds interesting. Remember reading the history of the GAA where they were saying Galway were playing different rules and there had to be an agreement on what rules they would have. Judging by the Galway local championship maybe that agreement never happened :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I thought the rule had lasted longer than that but that was only in my own head.

It thought it was an interesting one. He made a good point about fitness levels being a lot higher than they were previously. It would give more space to the forwards and would do away with the double sweeper that’s crept in recently. I think his aim was to offer up something that refs could manage down through all grades where they would struggle with other suggestions like only a certain number of people allowed in the defending half

but in an age where we want more people playing to reward the training involved he want to cut off 2 players so less pitchtime for corner backs and forwards. Easy know he was a midfielder :grinning:

God be with the days when corner backs and corner forwards were little fat lads …

Good times!

With deceptive pace, slower than they looked