OK , so we are in the honeymoon period after another AI win …sigh…getting bored with these :joy:. So just thinking about our greatest ever player. With this current panel we have some guys with 4 AIs . So this group have earned the chance to be considered . Not been a child of the 70’s although been born at the tail end I couldn’t make any honest judgment on players from that era . But from watching and reading something always struck me ( and he struck a few players ) about Brian Mullins . The midfield position is what I always loved . I always said I’d name my first born Ciaran or Ciara for a certain lad from Raheny . Through that difficult '96-'09 period he was an absolute joy to watch , always made me proud watching him fielding a ball or scoring a long range point although he had a bit of the MDMA about him when he was lining up to kick a point , would it or would it not go over . So now I ask the question , who is your GOAT . For skill levels alone I think Connolly has to be up there but I’m sure others will think otherwise .MODs can move this elsewhere , I just threw it in here.

For me Ciaran whelan. Wondered if he was in prime how would we fare with him and Fenton in the middle. Whelo all the way for me.

Raheny would be All-Ireland club champions.

Paul Curran for me. Could play anywhere (except corner back on Mickey Linden).

Dermo, Philly or COS. Could end up being Fento before long!


Greatest Of All Time I guess…

Took me a while TBH

Does it need @Feed-the-goat?

Makes sense.

Think that referred to Shaun Goater if I recall rightly!

Wasn’t typing all that out :joy:


Mullins would have to be there or thereabouts for me too. After being a vital member of the 70s team, he came back from a serious car accident to inspire the 83 team.
For me it’s a close call between him and Diarmo, but if Fenton keeps performing the way he has been for the last 2 years, he may well be the GOAT!

Maxi is right up there at this stage, what a year he had on top of all his great super-sub years

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All depends on your criteria for GOAT. Some people base it on pure raw talent. Others would base it on who has the most influence, in our biggest games, against the toughest oppostion. Others may base it on longevity.

Has to be Diarmo for me , agree with the rest of what ya said , people will have a different criteria for their choice .

Question I’d have , do we win '11 without his goal ? I’m not so sure . Do we win '13 semi without his goal , that’s more debatebale .What about his huge point against Kerry this year ? No Kev and we might not be looking at 4 AIs here .

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70s is slightly out of my era but from the folklore and the bit of divilment I’d opt for the Pope, Jimmy Keavney.
My first real taste of watching the Dubs in the 80s and my first football hero Barney Rock, solid on the frees and a great eye for goal. Early to mid 90s has to be Paul Curran and Brian Steins.
95-00s Jayo, although slightly unorthodox style his directness and footballing brain set him apart we would have not gotten over the line in 95 but for him freshening up that team.
The 02-10 team is split between Al and Whelo felt these lads were carrying a very average team until Whelo retired after 09 and Pat Gilroy injected some youth for 11. Whelo is definitely the greatest Dub never to win an AI.
Finally 11 to present, although I don’t think we could possibly have won anything without Cluxton, the man reinvented the role of goalkeeper and was the platform upon the majority of our scores are built upon.
For me the GOAT Dub is Dermo, he is a rarity in that he’s the type of player who can do very little for 69 minute but that one minute of genius is usually worth the admission fee alone, right foot left foot, the little chip up to his hands, he glides across the pitch and makes it look all so effortless
He is one of those players who make kids want to play the game. His masterclass against Tyrone in 11 1/4 final, one of the greatest footballing displays you’re likely to see. Plus culchies hate him which makes him even more of a legend.


Call me Pedantic Patsy, but to be considered for GOAT, you don’t do very little for 69 minutes and turn on the style for for 1.

Skill set, Connolly.
Influence, Cluxton.