Going to the pictures

Ok no similar thread, so I’m kicking it off.

Can’t wait for T2: Trainspotting


Looks the absolute shit.

Can’t wait for it, only thing is the aul sequel curse… You’d be hopeful that because Boyle did it again, it would be at least nearly on a par! (Big ask, I know)

Hollywood. Refusing to leave well enough alone since 1927.

Mind you I thought the first one was shite!

Oh my God. Alan, Alan, Alan, Alan, Alan. When will you learn? You’re a Marino man. Ergo, you have no taste! :slight_smile:


De buke is fablis as well, if you can handle the coloquial dialogue, if that’s the correct way to describe it.

No surprises there! Dare I ask did you read the book?

Book is great! I hope juice terry (Edinburghs favourite juice sales man) is in The film.

Trailer looks great. Original one of my favourite films ever though, so…

You’d have to think (hope?) that, the fact that they waited so long to agree to a sequel, they felt that the script is top notch and will make a great film.

Yup thats my thinking. But the film is loosely based on Porno… and Porno was an excellent read. Still looking at the Film Trailer it is slightly different looking. Sick Boy doesn’t seem to be making Dogging movies and Begbie has aged very badly! Still can’t wait for it. Great to see Kelly McDonald back in it, had a serious thing for her back in the 90’s.

Ah Kelly…“Well, what are ya waitin forrrr boyyy, cat got yer tongue?!” :heart_eyes:

Welsh’s recent Begbie book was shite, for what it’s worth.

New flick Arrival is okay, not as great as proclaimed but decent.

He’ll or High Water is decent too. Good turns by Chris Pine and Ben Foster, and The Dude. The Dude is aging rapidly…

Welsh took a lot of flack over that book as some critics he needs to leave that period alone.

My only gripe is that it’s shite. Begbie = good. Shite = bad.

Haven’t read it. But found it hard to get my head around what if the beggar boy was the calmest man in the room.

Though I might pop over to chapters and pick up a second hand copy.

Feck it, I’m looking forward to bringing the chungfella to see this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frdj1zb9sMY

The Blade Artist wasn’t bad, not a patch on Porno or Trainspotting though. Hoping to take the kids to Rogue One this weekend too. I could do with some escapist nonsense.

Not reading reviews on it but friends that have seem it are saying it’s fucking savage.

We went to Rogue One yesterday. Started off slow, but have to say it got better and better. Best Stars Wars movie since Empire Strikes back imo.