Going to the Theatre

Don’t see a thread on this and I am not a theatre going person, fell a sleep though Rent - thank ■■■■. But I will go see this https://www.abbeytheatre.ie/2017/two-pints.

Read the book and I found it very funny, which is easy as I am a big Roddy Doyle fan. I wasn’t close to my old man and he was found brown bread in England. One of the things I got back from his possessions was a battered copy of the Barrytown trilogy to which I have kept. after that I always made it my business to read Doyles books good or bad. While researching for the ‘The Guts’ the fourth instalment of the Rabbites Doyle came up with this idea for the book ‘Two Pints’ and the subsequent play.

Kinda like Bart and Al sitting at a bar discussing football! :wink:


yeah but with a smile

Those are two good actors ! I say it would be enjoyable alright :blush:

Speaking of Roddy Doyle, I was waiting to board a flight back from Spain this week and there was a guy in the queue who was straight out of a Roddy Doyle novel. He was in his early 40s I’d say, balding and had a clatter of kids. The ‘3’ Irish jersey he was wearing came complete with the middle age spread and he was explaining to all around him about the Airbus 330 and Airbus 320. When I passed him as I was going to my seat he was miffed about something and was giving the steward the exasperated undertoned mumble of ‘harumph … wouldn’t happen with Ryanair …’


Business Class in Qatar Airways isn’t what it used to be!!!

I used to have catarrh airways … but then I gave up smoking!

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How can I see the full schedule ? I can only see up to the 5thAugust

Think its near the end of its run. Was on in the flowing tide a couple of weeks back

Thought I’d ressurect this thread.
Brought the ma to see The Night Joe Dolan’s Car Broke Down. Good craic and pretty funny. Plenty of getting the audience out of their seats in the second act with Joe’s classics. Surprised to see so many younger people there. Though on closer inspection I realised they were either with their parents…or foreigners.
One show I’m really looking forward to seeing is Avenue Q. Hits The Gaeity in May. It’s a Sesame Street style musical for adults.

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Ernie & Bert won’t be hiding in the closet?