Golf 2016

Rory Zika joint leader on -4 after 11 holes in the British Open. Louis Oosthuizen has another hole in one to accompany the one he had in the Masters.

Kiss of death. -1 after 14 !!! Must have been stung by a midge :grin:

“bitten” by a midge dude. Now a horse-fly I’m not so sure about…

So will Westwood or Garcia be in the leaders on the final day yet again?

Weather not looking so good up there, will suit the likes of Lowry, GMac, Westwood etc. Maybe even Podge :open_mouth:

Lowry going about as well as the English soccer team…

Wind didn’t blow but I’d say Lowry’s in the dumps after blowing the US. No excuse for the others though

Round of 65 for Padraig!! Well done that man - delighted for him!

I see Nike are pulling out of golf equipment making. They will still make clothing and shoes (much less overheads on those goods from South-East Asian sweatshops) than there are on club and ball manufacturing, I’d imagine.

Well done to Padraig Harrington, winning his first European Tour event in 8 years.

22 under par? That’s 3 tries, 2 converted, and a drop goal or penalty.

Yeah fair play to him, great to see it! Hopefully not time to change his game again!

23 even … :smirk:

Doh! Two converted tries and 3 penos