Golf 2017

Some changes to the rules of Golf. Here is a look at some of the most interesting amendments:

There is no longer a penalty for:

•- Accidentally moving your ball while searching for it.
•- Accidentally moving your ball or ball-marker when it is on the green.
•- Your ball hitting you, your equipment, your caddie, someone attending the flagstick or a removed or attended flagstick.
•- Touching your line of putt or touching the putting green in pointing out target. The same applies to your caddie.
•- Your caddie marking and lifting your ball on the green.
•- Touching or moving loose impediments in a bunker.

Relaxed restrictions to apply on:
•- Touching the sand with your hand or club when your ball is in a bunker. You are now prohibited only from touching the sand (1) with your hand or club to test the condition of the bunker or (2) with your club in the area right behind or in front of the ball, in making a practice swing or in making the back-swing for your stroke.
•- Dropping a ball in a defined relief area. The only requirement is that you hold the ball above the ground without it touching any growing thing or other natural or artificial object. It is recommended that the ball be dropped from at least one inch above the ground.

Things you can do:

•- Repair almost all damage (including spike marks and animal damage) on the green.
•- Keep using any club that is damaged during the round, no matter how it happens.
•- Use distance-measuring devices, except when prohibited by Local Rule
•- Play out of turn in stroke play (‘ready golf’). This has always been allowed without penalty and now you are affirmatively encouraged to do so in a safe and responsible way.

Things you cannot do:

•- Your caddie is not allowed to stand on a line behind you from the time you begin taking your stance until you have made your stroke.

Common sense prevails with these. So many times you see stupid technical penalties in the game. Definitely a good move

I would like to see them dropping the penalty for a ball accidentally moving (due to wind), especially on the green, after addressing the ball.

There will be lads on their knees taking drops now😂

Is that a euphamism?

Only if you want it to be😉

Best Major of them all starting today. Absolutely love watching the Masters. 5e/w on McIlroy, Day and Stenson

I can never understand the Masters. They all say it’s the one to win and yet you never see them wearing the green jacket after they do. Spoofers.

Philistine !

Billy Payne does have a very punchable face in fairness. :grin:

Fred Couples, 57 years old and only one previous winner beat his score yesterday. He always has a (relatively) good opening round there.

Tomorrow shaping up to be a tasty final round. Nine within 4 shots of the lead at the moment

Garcia and Rose apparently playing for Gibraltar as a side bet …

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Sergio having a complete Meltdown on the back nine

Rose looking good.

Sergio blessed to have come away with a par there. Almost Seve-esque

Aye not over yet … but certainly seems between the two of them.

15th and 16th is going to play a big part in who wins it.

Bring me the head of Sergio Garcia!

What a shot wow. Is Seve looking down on him

Wow wow - great finish in store here!