Golf 2019

Get in touch with your possibly paying too much tax :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tax??? Nah - that’s for ordinary people to pay …

Being a comedian, I assume your availing of the artist exemption.

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I told Revenue I’d pay them on the basis of my jokes and they laughed at me. They aren’t laughing now …

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Augusta National will generate $35 million in revenue from ticket sales this week! 3 global and 2 international sponsors pay $6+ million to be exclusive advertisers. International TV rights cost $25 million. That’s $90 million in revenue!

One thing you can say in Reed’s favour is that he represented his country in the Olympics.


Could have done with Casey squeezing into the top 10 but a profitable week.

On to Harbour Town - Emiliano Grillo and Chris Kirk.

Great win in the end for Reed. Dislike him more and more the more I see/hear/read. He’s not even a loveable pantomime villain, just a goon and more.

Worrying times for European golf. USA 123 in this major. But that’s not even the full of it. Bar Rory there’s no young guns of any top quality coming through on the European tour unfortunately. A few have flattered to deceive after winning a couple of comps. Europe won’t be winning an away Ryder Cup for a while imo. Best players of last decade or so seem to be on the slide.

Jon Rahm


Not sure about writing off the Europeans just yet.
A quick tot on the Masters Top 20 (and ties) gives you USA (11), EUR (7), Other (5).
I would have said, that is fairly standard. Given the propensity for the Europeans to play up to a higher level in the RC (see Poulter, Ian) I would have no real concerns.

As Guy says. Rahm is a phenomenon. Rory on his day is still the best golfer on the planet IMO (Just doesn’t have enough “days”). Plenty left in the tank for Rose, Stenson. You’ve got Fleetwood and Casey even Sergio in the Top 15 in the world.

I’ll put my despondency down to the late night pints and as I said the USA 123. But we can’t escape the fact that bar Rory, no European really looked like contending overall. Stenson did ok, but never really got going. Granted Rahm came roaring back, and is the real deal.

My prediction was more post Paris this year. You can look at it in a lot of different ways. I just feel our stalwarts are on the wane. And we’ve nowhere near the same quality coming through. The US team going forward could comprise the following, at a minimum.

And the likes of a Bubba, if consistent. Also the likes of Simpson, Chappell, and Henley if in form.

In short, or long, I feel they’re bringing through much better players at a quicker/easier rate than we are. It pains me to say it obviously.

EDIT: ridiculous forgetting Kuchar. Although the list could go on and on. I didn’t include Phil, I think his days of high stakes golf are almost done

Doesn’t guarantee success though. US haven’t won in Europe in 25 years. They went form 99 to 2008 without winning and that was a period when you had the likes of Mickelson, Tiger, Furyk etc… all at the top of their game

We’d have won in 2008 as well if it wasn’t for us having an egotistical prick like Faldo as Captain IMO

In terms of importance and relevance I’d put the O’Byrne Cup ahead of the Ryder Cup …

It certainly doesnt. And I did specify an away Ryder Cup!

Agreed on Faldo that year. Some disaster that was.

I’m not predicting were heading for the poor house a la Meath/Laois in one of our codes. I just feel they’re building something very very strong there. The PGA tour and in particular the Fed Ex run up at the end really brings a lot of these guys on. Our ‘own’ Race to Dubai just doesn’t come close to it, imho of course

  • Thomas Pieters and RCB. Alex Noran nearly had a win on the PGA Tour this year.

Granted the US are far deeper but Europe have plenty of talent to be able to compete for a long time.

It’s all opinions obviously. I just don’t think any of those 3 are of the same quality, and more importantly, have yet to do it on the world stage. Nearly isn’t good enough unfortunately. It’s a good debate though.

All 4 majors currently held by yanks
Thrashed us in last RC
Fed Ex cup getting stronger and stronger
Race to Dubai way down the pecking order


Back to Texas we go. Russell Knox and Si Woo Kim this week

Just out of curiousity, what do you base your selections on? Or is just random? Si Woo should have got the job done last week, incredible that he didn’t really.

I’m gonna back Luke List for the next few low key events. He’s due a win if such a phenomenan exists.