Golf 2021

Only 1 ahead of Stricker now but Sticker is finished

What a putt. Great par save could have easily put to much on that

2 holes to go

Paddy just needs to take it handy. 2 pars will do him given Stricker is finished

Yep, two pars. No heroics.

3 putt all over this at 17.

For ■■■■ sake. Needs to get a par here otherwise leaving himself under pressure going down the last

Could have been better but still gives himself a chance

Get in another par save.

Take her home Paddy. Par is all you need

We know he has the mental game for it, just one more good swing. Come on Paddy.

2 putts to win. Playoff at worst surely anyway hopefully doesn’t come to that

Not too bad from where he was. But not near a gimme

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He is the man.

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Holed some crucial putts - still good with the blade.
I think he might be worth an each-way punt for The Open. I don’t think the R&A can make St Andrew’s much longer (spacial constraints) so he won’t be having to compete too much off the tee with the new generations. He knows the course very well, also.

Congrats to PH , I was at a wedding yesterday and the golf was off limits , I was just about allowed keep in touch with the goings on in croke park
PH always one of the nicer guys think the win will mean a lot to him

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S Stricker has always been a very classy individual, in defeat he was incredibly magnanimous from the reports I’ve read , in a sport lacking class recently nice to see

Stricker and Harrington were opposing Captains at the Ryder Cup. I’d imagine that alone sees a comradery formed between them unless the Ryder Cup itself is a bitter affair.

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Size isn’t always important on golf courses. No point booming a huge one at quite a few holes at St Andrews where you’re risking pot bunkers and a good lie for the shot into the green matters alot. Unless of course these days they can boom tee-shots straight onto several par 4 hole greens…

I dont think it is generally. Even the pantomime villains seem to be generally well received by end of the weekend. E.g Rory on occasions. Likes of Reed, Bryson, and Keegan Bradley for the US. Exception being Brookline that time. Before my time but distaste seems to have lingered. I imagine this whole LIV debacle will have ramifications for the next RC. As in if some of those defectors are selected etc. Sure its pure elitist isnt it, need a bit of controversy to stir it up.

Guessing the player in question is either McDowell or Westwood


Great finish today from Lowry four birdies in a row to come in on the cut line that’s great fighting
Power even better just a few off the lead
Sold out at the weekend great to see