Golf 2023

Suppose we should start a thread seeing that Rory is back!!

Well done Rory :+1:

Shaping up to be a great Masters in two weeks time with Tiger looking like he’s back

Nike Golf Marketing Dept gone into overdrive… Rory back winning an Tiger back in contention for the the 2nd week on the trot.

-8 some final round … matches the temperature! Fair play Rory!

Top players in the world coming into form a couple of weeks before the masters…Coincidence ??? I think not, just like all good teams and athletes they know when to peak.

McIlroy’s form before this tournament has been shocking. One swallow does not a summer make. Let’s see how he gets on the next time out.

Rory didn’t do too well…

I reckon Tiger has a better chance of winning at Augusta next month than McIlroy has. I wonder what are the chances of Tiger finishing the year higher than McIlroy in the world rankings?

Bubba will be a good bet for the Masters

Mickelson won’t be far away either

Ram to win

Casey Top 10

Hoffman and Reed to be in the Top 20

Wouldn’t normally back Stenson at Augusta but he has been hitting so close with his irons and wedges that his lack of putting ability might not matter!

As someone who has been a keen follower of golf for well over 30 years now, I find it hard to get excited about watching it now. I think the over-exposure on TV (dedicated golf channels) and huge corporate sponsorship of players as well as tournaments hasn’t helped but I think a critical factor is the focus on players driving off the tee on Par 4 and Par 5 holes - the determination to see someone hit the ball 400 yards rather than the skills that require real finesse - putting, chipping, bunker play, being able to move the ball left and right, etc…

For what it’s worth, I think Justin Rose will win.

Jaysus he’s doing well for a dislocated ankle.

Popped it back in himself and has it strapped up. Not as bad as first thought supposedly

Poor aul Sergio had a mare on the 15th. 5 balls into the water

And none of the shots deserved to go into the drink, in my opinion.

Augusta looks great on TV, as usual. And everyone present comments on its aura, etc. But with little or no rough to speak of, the only penalty for hitting a ball 380-400 yards off the tee is if it is so wide, it goes out of bounds yet Garcia plays the Par 5 15th in regulation - each approach that ended up in the water went past the pin but the spin (not excessive) , the slope and the tightly mown bank saw them all go into the water.

There is hope for all … Spieth having a mare! 4 over after 8!

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Speith still well in it, all the same.

I think Sergio would have settled for winning in 2017 and finishing almost last in 2018, if you’d asked him at the start of 2017.

Of those in contention, the one I hope DOESN’T win is the current leader.

Reed played phenomenal golf yesterday. Can he sustain it for 2 more rounds. Doesn’t look like the kind of bloke to let the pressure get to him. Can’t stand him either.

Stenson made a few great putts in closing yesterday. Said in interview after he feels he has another couple of gears. For a man who says v little that could be ominous. Assuming he finds them gears obviously.

Pity Reed didn’t bogey one of the last two but looking forward to the final pairing later. Hopefully Rory can rattle him early doors, get in among him and put him under pressure as they say in all the best soccer previews.

Ps Can someone remind me why we all hate Reed? Does he like Trump or something?