Golf 2023

Early flight for S Power +9
FairPlay to Harrington very credible + 2 yesterday and just about to birdie his first today

SLowry 3 under so far with a couple of possible birde holes left , back to level par be great to go under by the end of his round

Six birdies in 8 holes by SL , incredible run

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SL with 5 birdies on the back 9 so far. -2 overall. Phenomenal round by Lowry!

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I genuinely have never heard the the commentators have to apologise in two days for the industrial language, as you get in a month of tournaments
It’s unreal
Or they’ve just positioned the microphones closer

Think if they show less of Jon Rahm it’ll reduce significantly :grin:

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McIlroy has made mutton look like lamb , not on his game and somehow did something not renowned for , grinded out a round under par , excellent birdie on the 18th

Ah crap and double crap bogies from Shane on 17 and 18 , still 67 great round , six off the lead

Disappointing finish for him. His drives off both tees killed him the last two holes.

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Could very well have our first LIV major winner tonight, will watch hoping it ain’t so , but shit happens
I’ve a few bob on Hovland backed mid tournament so here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:

Hoping for anyone other than player from LIV!

Have to stop getting hopes up for McIlroy! Every friggin time he does something good you just know he’s going to fk the next hole up! Just incredible level of inconsistency with him at the minute!!

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Big chance for Hovland to step through the major door here.

Best golfer won, BK, I dont like the guy but I do admire how he’s come back from injury and has performed brilliantly in both majors
Thank god It was not Mickleson (joint 58) who was as much an asshole as ever (see his press conferences ) or BDC

Fair play to the club pro gofer Mike Block who finshed in Top 20 (near impossible ) unbelievable achievement , and tops it off with a hole in one on Sunday
Most club pros do well to get to 5-10 strokes near the cut line in USPGA and US Open from what Ive seen over the years

Decent golf at times from Lowry and McIlRoy but just not consistent enough , fair play to Paddy top 50 made the cut , very disappointing for Power missing the cut

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Do many ordinary club pros play in the US Open?
Has the move from August to May worked for the USPGA Championship?

Some put themselves through qualifying which would be excruciatingly long , think as long as anyone has an official US HC of lower than 2 they can attempt to qualify , I’m fairly certain that’s how it used to be but open to correction

It has for me , its positioned perfectly to maximize exposure , its still the ugly duckling of the four , but its not at the end of a long season any more
That said its previous nickname and USP “Glorys last Shot” now no longer applies , there was a piece recently in the Guardian about it ,Im sure
It was known for top players having missed out on the Masters n Opens , then they really went for it at the USPGA

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[Harrington hits course record at Senior PGA (]

[Maguire battles back from four down at Vegas Matchplay (]

Maguire into the semi finals today.
Harrington with a one shot lead heading into the final round.

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Let’s hope he doesn’t have a seniors moment.

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Anyone willing to get a smack in the head off Paddy ? :thinking: