Golf, US Open 2016

Offaly might win something yet. 22 solid holes of golf from potential glory.

4 shots clear starting the last 18. Goes out at 3pm local time, assuming it’s 5 hours difference, my Father’s Day evening will be busy in front of the tv!

Lead down to two after two. If he shoots level par 70, I think it will win. Easy peasy, NOT.

Jaysus, it’s going to be a long night. Two hours in and he’s played 7 holes, at this rate I’m going to run out of wine

Go to bed. 1 behind now thru 8.

Chasing it might help him, although 3 over for the day has a look of nerves getting the better of him all over it. C’mon Shane.

I wouldn’t write him off yet, anyway I haven’t run out of wine yet!

Another bogey, needs to find a birdie for somewhere to turn it around. Handing it to Johnson at this stage.

Really hope DJ doesn’t win this, he’s a thoroughly unlikeable character.

Well, he did… but why do you say that? Not aware of anything bad about him (unlike other American pros) other than he seemed to have had to take a break for personal issues (rehab?).

Funny how all the other players seem to like him . Glad he won he deserved it . Long overdue .

Has failed 3 drug tests, between 09 and 14, all of which were swept under the table. 2 for cocaine, one for marijuana. It’s also common knowledge on tour that he’s had an affair with at least two other players wives (one of which ended the marriage) both whilst his wife was pregnant with his son. I really can’t understand the out pouring of support from the players he’s a scumbag

Ah here, the drugs were hardly performance enhancing! Sounds like he enjoys the craic, no pun, if anything. You just read an article, none of this was proven. Which players wives was he having affairs with then? Some people are just so negative, I remember after the masters there was the same comment about Willet straight after he won it

Yeah, DJ seems well liked by the other players, so I’d go by that rather than the other rumours. He’s been the nearly man quite a few times and has kept coming back, shows a lot of character.