Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread (Part 1)

Right… time to start bringing back all the old Threads… thought I’d start with this…

Nice summer diddly… 80’s-ish

Cullen Omori - Cinnamon


Ian Curtis RIP 36 years ago today, just 23 …

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He’d be 59. Mad.

They’ve some class tunes in fairness.

Thought the movie on him/ them ‘CONTROL’ was very well made also.

Anton Corbijn made it look like a serious of class photos.

Starring our very own Dermo :grin:

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Some cracking tunes on Primal Screens new album.

Really liking that primal scream song great throwback
Is mani still playing bass or completely involved with The stone roses?

What’s with the 90’s bands making comebacks?

The cynic in me says that their cocaine habits have used up a couple of decades worth of record sales……

That said, I’d love an Oasis reunion!

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Anyone like Neil Young? Check out WHITNEY

… think ya might like them. Their album is just out too - and it’s good.

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The Cambridge Folk Festival took place over the weekend of 30th/31st July. A very strong Irish presence including Christy Moore, Glen Hansard, Affro Celt Sound System and Imelda May alongside other stars such as Kate Rusby, Katie Tunstall and Mary Chapin Carpenter. The Sky Arts Channel had highlights on last Friday and Saturday nights - not sure if they’re available on playback though the shows will probably be repeated at a later date.

I’ve just watched the show from Friday. Good performances from Hansard and Christy… Imelda May sounding great and looking seriously hot! A genuine star, in my opinion.

Imelda is looking unreal lately with the new hair style.

Really enjoying Christine and the Queens lately. Excellent album and well worth a listen.

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She carried the Rockabilly look very well but the new Rock Chick look is better still.

Like this …

Nova (Pat Courtney) play it an awful lot, but I still think it’s a great version of a classic!

What an odd combination but yeah good cover .

Their cover of Genesis’ “Land of Confusion” is pretty decent as well.

**[quote=“dcr22B, post:17, topic:286, full:true”]
Their cover of Genesis’ “Land of Confusion” is pretty decent as well

I’d like to see them do a cover of “Dublin in the rare oul times.” Certainly get the place going :slight_smile:

Can’t find a good version online but Crowded House, Nails in my Feet is a class tune and never played anywhere. Love the Finn Bros.

Anyone checked out this guy yet, Jason Isbell. And then there’s his wife, OMFG!

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Great tune, all right, Al… Great build up to the line “And it brings me relief”.

I have an mp3 version but you cannot upload such files here.