Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread (Part 2)

And then there be Scullion, not forgetting both The Bothy and The Lee Valley String Band(s)

Right … add Scullion 83 to the list and their release gigs for White Side of the Night.

Never saw Bothy Band live but have had their music on tape and CD for years.
Say hello to Philip if you see him down thay neck of the woods.
Also add in Paul Brady’s solo live set Macroom 80.

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Kiely’s on Deerpark Road I think

Is it called Kennedy’s Bar now ?

Yeah I think so. Beside the old Stella cinema. Aunt lived below it.

My aunt, Lord have mercy on her, lived 3 mins away also.

Wilson Road?

No, Callary Rd.
Cousins used to knock around with the Morgan lads (as in that’s mad Ted).

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Ah yeah Callary was next one down. Some dough around that area.

Made lovely brown bread she did.
Moved out in 1953 when houses wre built. It was the country then.

Uncle cycled out and asked the guy building Wilson Road how much he would sell him a house for and that was that. Went on himself to be one of the biggest electrical contractors in Dublin in 60s/70s.

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A pal of mine’s mother in law (RIP) when off the train from Cork to work in one of the banks in about 1950 stayed in digs near The Goat. Her landladies were two of Jimmy Joyce’s sisters.


Sportman’s Inn?
Once upon a time.
Proper musicsl session there first someday of every month…
Full circle, who knows?

Who knows?

In 53 you say - but which month?

Heard of them but don’t think I did. I was a bit square in those days. Round town anyway

Strange the way some things remain a constant :wink:

That’s the name I couldn’t remember ! … The Sportman’s Inn.
@Dub09 is that the same shop as our Kielys/Kennedys ?

The month she married in.

come again ?