Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread (Part 2)

This is a very good album indeed.
I am a big Scott Walker fan, soup to nuts, which may give some clue as to why this Murder Capital’s not straightforward’ but nonetheless excellent work appeals to me.

ps Art work is pretty cool also. Vincent meets Matisse. Love it.

Indeed sah; full circle indeed, one could say.


@LondonJack Are you not a music fan ?
Or have they barred you from entering the plush surroundings of this excellent thread ?

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Anything from AC DC to Bob Dylan . Partial to a bit of Oasis and Kasabian of the newer acts

Think so

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There you go …welcome in.
My initial record collection (of 3 Albums !) consisted of Rory’s Against the Grain & Calling Card plus ‘If you want blood you’ve got it’.

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Tis Kennedy’s. First Sunday iirc. Quality and a nice vibe even if in a very confined space.


Stepaside had a residency?

At least one … good live act.

They should never have let this happen… we all know that prevention is better than…


I know it’s very childish but I have to say it … Oeer !

Now I remember why that Sportsman Inn gig I attended was memorable.
Henry Ford Fiesta.

Coincidentally, I was watching King of Comedy earlier and The Clash were in one of the scenes

Probably old news but was new to me

And what of Limerick’s Cranberries and Galway’s The Stunning?

Both Great. Dolores gone far too young.

Taking a punt on the new Lankum album I made the download purchase and am genuinely looking forward to listening to the full album on it’s relelase this week.
The two preview tracks include Go Dig My Grave. Phew … not for an empty stomach. A sort of Chris and Stevie without the redemption of a hopeful finale.
Go Figure I guess.

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Good shout, have to say I do like them alot, my favourite Irish band atm, I still haven’t got into the Dubbellin Arctic Monkeys really yet, not fully convinced but I wasn’t really into the Sheff AMs back in the day either and still wouldn’t count them as one of my all-time top bands. Guess it’s a style thing, with the tunes not having really grabbed me enough to overcome that.

and good taste but we won’t mention that :wink:

Teapot and weather event.

I like most types of music but I think they are horrific.