Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread (Part 2)

I love The Stunning, have tickets to see them in November. Saw the numerous times over the years

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Will report back after listening to the album in full.

I’d say you will be found with your wrists cut after 2 or 3 tracks :grin: I’m rooting for you

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That’s what they used to say to me about my Leonard Coen Long Player 40 years and more ago before he became some sort of chattering middle class dahling … and them going all of a quiver about The Man and his AMAZING WB Yeats refs. :wink:

To say nothing about Mr. N Cave.

I’m not really into either of them. They are very popular though I seem to be the exception

You are outstanding in your own field :wink:

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You need to get more in touch with your shoe-gazing side, you’re suppressing it and one day it’ll burst out and you’ll end up a blubbering snotty mess.

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End up broken and old like some of us :smiley:

I m with @Black_and_White on this Lankum should be consigned to the same bin as Damien Dempsey, Imelda may Hozier and a few others.


Went right off the May one, even though she got better-looking, that’s saying something. Hozier was always a drip. Damo’s not so bad. And Dempsey isn’t either…


Don’t mind the Beatles, overrated shite . Went to see the great Robert Forster from the Go Between’s tonight. Just him and his son on acoustic guitar and bass. V good gig altogether.

With you . Can’t stand any of those .

Hozier still banging out that one tune. Damien Dempsey just can’t get the fascination.

You think you know somebody…


Contrary to most, I much prefer The Beatles’ earlier upbeat pop stuff to their later stuff.

As John Fogerty sang, “Then four guys from England, too us all by the hand…”

Yis are all going fruit-loopy

I admit my music critique could do with a little more effort.


You truly can take words and make them daaaaaance


I admire your absolute sense of what constitutes “good stuff and not good stuff”.
But why stop with the Beatles … expand your horizons and write off huge chunks of other genres !.
Bach … muddled through, no method to his madness. Prone to repetitiveness of theme.
Mozart … only had a George Best length career so write him off too.
Beethoven … he was DEAF when he wrote his later overrated stuff for God’s sake. Loser.
Miles Davis … changed styles much too often :smiley:

I m not writing off genres just the Beatles.

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