Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread (Part 2)

Terry Hall. RIP. Jesus last few years the best of the best are passing away. Mark Hollis, Terry Hall.


Saw this on the bookie facey thing…


CWN … the next U2.

Fine line-up…
Why no SLF, Undertones, or a few more women for that matter?

That was a time when it was obligatory to have a saxophone in every song :roll_eyes: Having said that Kenny G was even more horrific than the sax

The best saxophone riff of all time.

When one was high with life.


It’s good, alright, but for me it’s not quite as good as the sax in this…


I must beg to differ

That was interesting. Never heard this before.

In the interest of career balance I am posting this superb later track from Terry


Outstanding performance of a great song. Have watched that vid many times. There’s a couple of concerts he & his band did back then with recordings done for television, one was in Oslo I think, another in Barcelona, the quality of the performances & recording are great, just a shame alot of it is only on yootoob on dodgy VCR. I’d pay bucks for a good quality version of a couple of those. Peak LC & band. Also peak Muppet Show band look from SR! :grin:


Terry was great in all his career. Though sounds like a wee bit like bernard sumner in that track.


I must beg to differ with you.

Saxophone & Leonard Cohen in 1 song is pretty much as bad as music gets for me. Even the odd (very odd) country & western song is better than that

Ah well! Very good🤣


Philip Styne! It’s a great collaboration that captures the mood of the song brilliantly, enhances it. But sure tis all taste

My (Music) news 26 May 23.

  1. Pre-ordered 2 x releases from the The Coral. Hoping they’ll be as.good as ‘Coral Island’, their last release.

  2. Couldn’t get a name to a single line of a tune I have had in my head these past days and finally nailed it down. It’s dated but I liked it at the time.

JJF will be happy with the artwork bit


Really good band. Very good live