Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread (Part 2)

Shut Up

I quite liked wearing it while driving …


In the car early this morning (bareheaded, but wearing my sheepskin coat and driving gloves) I was pleasantly surprised to hear a cracking live version of Cradle Rock boom out on Radio Nova at 4 a.m.

Are you the former resser Roman?

Driving around at 4am, wearing gloves. :thinking::scream:

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No tam-o-shanter, no?

Níl :grinning:

Eh no, no Tammie.
Although come to think of it … why net?

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I’ll send this on so after the Ireland v Scotland match in the rubby

Looks like an Irish Mod badge.

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who’s the chap with the beard in the centre

Billy the kid

Looks like an original Indian Jim Crocé album?

In Whelans tonight and tomorrow. Dublin s finest .


Ireland’s finest!

Indeed . Did nt want to upset the Wolfe tone or U2 head’s lurking here but yeah .

■■■■ them!

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