Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread

It’s the first tune that came into my head when I learnt of his death.
Bought it on it’s release.

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His Dr Feelgood co-founder, Lee Brilleaux, died an early death. He was good on the auld harmonica and a decent slide guitarist, too. His voice certainly suited the Dr Feelgood sound.

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Looks can deceive but he did look to be fully immersed let’s say in that video for Milk and Alcohol (and smokes) !

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Brilleaux or Wilko?
Brilleaux, yes. Wilko, no.
Wilko didn’t use a plectrum when playing the guitar.

L Brilleaux

L Brilleaux.

I padded that response out a bit …

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Ah yeah, sorry, I wasn’t trying to imply that he wasn’t around for Milk & Alcohol.

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Btw guttted my csrefully thought out pun above went unnoticed by you.
But thats how it pans out sometimes …


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And, now, to contradict myself, here’s Wilko with a plectrum… and Brilleaux doing the slide thingy…

Realy enjoyed that.
Ad a Rory fan in the 70’s I got Dr Feelgood. Deceptively brilliant I’d say. If it looks so easy that anyone could bang out a blues number then it probably isn’t that easy at all.
Bags of charisma sprinkled on top for good measure.

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Do you feel Vimdicated now?

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Can’t talk now … back in a Jiffy …

That’s typical, just vanish now

Ok then - I’ll ll be gone in a flash.

Are you in that awful British regiment?

Ok … you have me there.

In the para-zone?

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Sugar … I did think of of those good and noble soldiers of the Parachute regiment but couldn’t make the link !.