Good News Stories

yup and Bonny and Lottie, the absolute shite they come out with…


Is vogue trending?

The rescued impala was probably gorged upon by a pride of lions 30 minutes later, too knackered to run.

Didn’t you hear? There’s a pose strike on

Worst thing is, she was actually a nice person as a 17/18 year old, I knew her dad and met her a few times. She’s a victim of social media, by choice though!

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I see her doing the Ads for the horse racing betting industry. Did you get the leg up ?

I did not, she was/is a lot younger than me, and that is obviously the only reason…


well done to the Gardai.


Someone be sleeping with the fishies soon😵


excellent news, its been goin on for year’s on these little landin strips dotted around the country. Good enough for the ■■■■■

Where do they in from? Uk, Netherlands etc?

Well Tom Cruise (Barry Seal) is in Ireland at the minute….well done Gardai

Why do you want to know? :man_police_officer::man_police_officer:

By Falcon


Melt the hardest of hearts those pix

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What goes around… Doubt that many including her own family will shed too many tears.

I haven’t clicked on the link.
While it is obvious that she is a c*nt of the lowest order, I don’t know much more about her. Does she have children? If so, I would have pity for them, losing their family home.

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I doubt there are many ‘ordinary’ people out there who were still in their homes after 10 years of not paying a mortgage.

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