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I’d say he’s just in it for the moolah

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No mention of his kids in the article…

This could make ‘The Field’ look like ‘Mary Poppins’, comparatively speaking!!

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Enoch Burke starts work in a Clare school tomorrow…….
“Beidh Enoch amárach i gCondae an Clair”:musical_score:


An Cailìn Ciúin up for best Foreign Picture too

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I thought it was great, especially being through Gaeilge, but I could only handle about twenty mins of the Banshee Bollocks!!

I surprisingly enjoyed it. Laughed out loud a few times…


I enjoyed it , but did have that 20-25 minute moment of where on earth is this going , but delighted I stuck with it

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Banshees is very good . Enjoyed it

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If there’s any justice then Keoghan will get an award for that performance. Farrell too maybe.
The director of Cáilín Ciúin deserves one.

Keoghan broke my heart in that film

The acting was brilliant in the Banshee’s. They did the very best they could with the content.
IMHO not Mr. Mc Donagh’s finest hour.
I enjoyed it despite itself.

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The soldier who murdered Aidan McAnespie is to be sentenced today.


An early pint on a Friday. Quiet. Just the paper and a decent pint of porter. The barman is drying a few glasses. I find myself pensive. Thinking about things. There are some worries in my head… but the days are getting a small bit longer…spring is doing a few stretches before taking to the pitch…a robin stopped for a chat, earlier… the sea is calm…oh to get out in a boat - but not yet…and how lucky we are in all of it, for all of it. Aren’t we! My thoughts drift off. Winter was fairly kind to the men in trenches, who are fighting to save their land from occupation… but they can’t even use a phone for fear of being located and blown to smithereens. Why them, and not me? Maybe because others fought that fight for me. I have it so easy. I must remind myself every day, not to take any of this for granted. The hurling is back now as well. I breathe deeply and sip my pint. Thankful for it all. Every second that’s okay, is wonderful … …because when hard things happen, we hanker back for the days that seemed banal while we were living them. These are the best of days. Hurling and daffodils… Enjoy every second, boys and girls!


Certain posters will slag you off as Roy Curtis for that.

You’re a strange lad betimes @Iomaint … but that’s a really great post. :clap:


I hear you , as I hurtle towards 60 I took me a long time to realise some of my best days I spent complaining

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You must of got your hole last night.


In January ??


Could you have written that nice post if gargle hadn’t have played a role ?

ps Coincidentally I had my Robin pal in the garden eat some crumbs off my hand this afternoon.
Wonderful moment.