Good to be back

Great to have Reservoir Dubs back in action on the night that the Leinster Championship heavyweights enter the fray … :smirk:

Well done to all concerned in resuscitating the patient - it is obvious a lot of hard work has gone in to bringing the patient back to life - and with a new body. I’m sure the brains will follow in their droves! :laughing:

It is a pity all the old stuff was lost. Al must have had at least four novels in there! But at least I can make the same BS arguments … and pretend they’re new. :grin:

It will be interesting to see if everyone comes back - I’m sure they will and I hope they do too! And will anyone decide to go for an identity change and try a fresh start? I can think of one person we will have to watch out for … like a bird of prey … :worried:

Look forward to working my way around the site - seems daunting at the moment … but it’s not easy dealing with new things when you’re 83. So the second wife keeps telling everyone.

Well done to all again - Atha Cliath Abu!


Ha ha , yep perfect opportunity for old users to come back and become new personalities with new alternative usernames . Vigilance is the key for our winged friend to make a return but sure people like that usually trip themselves up eventually . Great thing is people might have new names but you will notice their style of writing straight off like a heavy contributer here to the Kerry forum .
Anyway great to be back , will take a while to get used to the new format but at least it is going to be more open to new suggestions , that I think was lacking with the last forum .
Thanks to those who got it bk up and running .
Res Dubs is dead , long live Res Dubs !!!

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Agree fully, it’s been awhile since I posted but this new format is extremely mobile friendly and will make posting for us on a different time zone (when we should be working) :wink: so much better.
Thanks lads for this reincarnation

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I posted it elsewhere but just to say again, thanks to all involved, great work. I’m so excited I’ll even write a shorter message for the poor, disabled, hard-of-attention amongst us. :open_mouth:

Great to have the forum back guys. Fair play to all who helped get this going again. Badly missed even if it was only for a short while.

Echo everything said already. Thanks a lot . Obviously a lot of time and hard work went into getting it back up again.

Also really love the Res Dubs New Logo
A player fit Navy or sky blue jersey with Res Dubs name and logo would look cool.
I’d say they would sell well.

Just to echo all of the sentiments above, and say thanks for resurecting the site. Well done lads:smiley:

Welcome back lads… keep up the good work

Well done guys – great to be back!

Did you save Aido’s diaries from last summer, somewhere, Dub09?

Jeeze Beeko I really don’t know for sure. May be some on laptop - can’t recall tbh. If I find them I’ll change the name to Donaghy and go again …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Its going to take a bit of getting used to but feck it. Its great to be back. Well done lads.

“Play-Doh’s Diary”? “Star Trooper”?

We will remind you of this from time to time.

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Thanks a million everybody that played a hand in getting the site back up and running. Thankfully my productivity in work can know continue to its former levels!

Beeko & Al - I am sure I wrote them in firstly in word docs because it’s easy to lose a long post if the connection goes down (eh, Al?) when posting but I can’t find any on the laptop - which I’m 99% sure I did them on. So they would appear to be gone forever …

We should be able to get them off the way back machine, were they all in one thread?

It’s all about typing speed dude! :smirk:

Word documents or the like can disappear into different folders at times, I’d say they are still there somewhere, do a full file search

Looked in a few places but no sign of anything … :confused:

I think I did a few earlier ones and then the series leading up to the semi. As fas as I remember one of the mods (dcr22b??) consolidated that on the one thread?!?!

Did you e-mail them to anyone?