GPA and expenses

Another row brewing. Carole Park willing to pay for four sessions a week including games. Tom Parsons says some counties doing six or seven sessions a week.

Seems to me there’s a golden opportunity here to put manners on inter county managers.

I won’t hold my breath.


Any fear of throwing in a few games for the clubs while we’re at it :joy:


If teams want to do 10, 50 or 100 sessions a week leave em at it, but only paying expenses for 3 is a good move, will hopefully reign in some teams and their excessive training schedules, you’d hope the knock on effect would be that players will return to Clubs after the IC season is over and actually be somewhat fresh


Counties will cough up … wait for it . It’s a vicious circle . Manager threatens to walk … county board opens the biscuit tin

That’s almost certainly what’ll happen. Ridiculous. Actually have a chance to stop the madness. But they won’t b

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I’m surprised nobody in print has pointed out that one of the reasons counties are training 5+ days a week is that a lot of backroom teams are getting paid per session.


Exactly, prime chance here to stop all the madness


Indeed they are. The stats men, physio, catering etc will all be paid and rightly so. The manager is paid. The players aren’t but are demanding fair expenses.

I’m in two minds about this. Players need to be looked after. I wouldn’t worry about Dublin, Mayo, Kerry etc…the top counties. It’s you Leitrim, Carlow, Wicklow players you’d worry more about.

Then on the flip side, if your a club player your looking on shaking your head. I’ve played with my club and recently been in involved in coaching and backroom teams. I’m probably owed money by the club but of course never claimed for it. The vast majority of club volunteers are like this.

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The issue is not paying some expenses. The issue is sessions every night of the week.

Four sessions including a match is MORE than enough for any team/player.


Agree. Three sessions a week is enough for any team imo.


When I read about GPA members threatening strike action over expenses I can’t help thinking about the Castletownbear players in Cork who last Sunday traveled the length of Cork (literally half way to Dublin) to play a Cork league match. Do they get expenses, do they hell!
Don’t get a tax allowance either.


In the middle of championship we have lads getting down for training during the week from Dublin, Offaly, Cork, Limerick, Galway etc. This time of year they will usually train with a local club during the week.

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When you see a player like Jack McCaffrey walking away from the game it should raise questions. Inter county is elite but too much demands on amateur players is ridiculous.


This, exactly this. Mannion as well. Would they walk if there was two night a week and a match at the weekend max? Maybe, possibly not.

The elephant in the room here is to say two night a week expenses and let the GPA police it because no one gets any more expenses.


What ever happened to Padraig Duffy investigation into payment of intercounty managers? We seen training bans in December, club month in April and lockdown last year and teams continued to train. Impossible for GAA to police as teams will always look for an edge. CB probably turned blind eye as expenses paid by private backers.

I agree with Parsons that lads shouldn’t be out of pocket training. The issue is no team should be training that much. bring in training caps and let the GPA police the training limits. Lads get their lives back, clubs get to see more of their players, expenses come down and the money goes to more important things, win win all round.


You could say now players are over coached over. Players playing off the cuff is gone now. You have one team with 15 bodies the ball and other team trying to break down going and back the field making no progress afraid to lose possession.


On the “clubs seeing players” not a hope until the county team is out of championship.

Outside of club championship how many games would Mayo players generally play with club?

You might have the county lads for 4 league games plus the championship games. We also have divisional cup competitions and a secondary league. Our league proper this year starts in June.

With the condensed nature of the Intercounty this year I’m note sure will county players even see league games. The “condensed” season is a cock is in my opinion. It shortens the IC season but actually lengthens the club season.