For me, Dessie isn’t the best man for the U21 job but he is certainly doing good things for the GPA.

Is this the announcement regarding the work the GPA has done for getting a co ordinated club fixture schedule …ah no wait …
Covers 1 percent of the people who play the sport

Very good news for the 1% AKA it’s members.

It’s about .3 per cent of the membership of the Association. They will now have more than ten per cent of the yearly revenues of the GAA under their control.

It’s horrific.

The economic reality is that inter county football brings in the money.

And who produces and develops the players? More should be distributed to the clubs.


I agree.

But we need to face the reality of the GAA as it is. These players bring in the money (what % of total revenue would be interesting to know), hence the deal and input etc.

They have always brought in the money. That does not mean they should be getting an ever increasing share of it.

I would much rather see the demands on inter county players be reduced than have them “compensated” in this way for their time.

O’Fearghail is quickly turning into a president I have little time for.

If you’re going to sell the games to pay to view TV what do you think is going to happen …

The Sky deal is less than 2% per year of the GAA’s annual revenues and likely will not be renewed after this year. It’s no excuse for this.

It’s the principle, and the signal Alan - not the money. It threw the door wide open.

The GPA has only ever been about professionalism from Day One. And we’re well on our way now.

And the Sky deal played right into their hands …

Its not pay per view

Sorry - pay to view then.

Bit like when you go to Croke Park then. I assume you also pay for your tv license.

I’ve never understood people’s objections to the Sky deal. Ultimately it gives the GAA more choice when selling TV rights and hopefully more money for the GAA in the long term. The Sky deal didn’t bring in much more than say the TV3 deal but longer term more bidders should increase the money the GAA can earn from selling rights to their games.

I’d prefer if it was invested in clubs/developing the games rather than handed to the GPA though

Think you miss the point here.

It’s more the point that it’s inadvertently handed the GPA a sizeable advantage when in money talks with the GAA.

Money has always talked in the GAA. Not just since Sky arrived. It’s amazing how people pick the Sky deal over all the other commercial transactions the GAA is involved in

And produces the unique craic, atmosphere and player camaraderie such as evidenced in the clip below where players have to take a 45 minute boat trip to a club match. To me these are the type of players who deserve to be looked after, directly or indirectly. But alas, they are not high profile enough for the GPA to take under their wings.