GPO Structures


Hope I don’t drive the place into meltdown. Doing a coaching course and wondering how the gpo are organised in Dublin.

Do you know what the club pays towards the games promotion officer? Am I right in saying that county board matches what a club puts in?
Are there full time gpos that are directly employed by the county board?
I assume clubs are the ones paying and not schools or perhaps it works both ways.

5 full time paid by county board in Cork and wonder how that stacks up.

Appreciate any info that can be passed on

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Schools don’t pay. It used to be half and half, club/county board. Not sure if that is still the case.CB employs some GPOs directly as supervisors of the GPO scheme and as development officers looking after development squads etc.Think some of the funding for that comes from Leinster/Central Council.

Appreciate the info.

County board look after the schools where I’m living so was just trying to get an idea.

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DCB contributes around a 8k of the salary now but also covers things like employers PRSI etc and Clubs paying 21k. Clubs with more than 1 GPO are paying the second salary themselves I think


Far better to be paying a GPO - even a second one than wasting good money on some spoofer running the first team.


Then Google GPO DUBLIN GAA n lots info pops up.

Primarily focussed on coaching GAA in local Primary Schools & the Clubs Nursery for 5-7 year olds, varies from club to club.

Employment Contract is with County Board, so they control the role and tasks GPO undertake in clubs. Numbers game getting kidz into clubs playing GAA…