Greatest Irish Super Band

The name of the bould Phil Lynott popped up in a conversation today and it got me thinking that if you could get together an Irish Rock Super Band (living or departed), who would be in it?
Philo is a shoe in for Bass Guitarist.
Rory Gallagher is also a must for Lead Guitarist.
I would give the Drumming nod to Larry.
Johnny Fingers gets the Keyboard/Piano gig.
Do we let The Edge have the Rhythm Guitar role so long as he limits himself to that?
Vocals… Rory and Phil both in with a shout here. But I would certainly give consideration to a newer kid on the block in the name of Dermot Kennedy.
Or maybe get the hormones going and have Imelda May on vocals?

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Joey Fagan on Trumpet.


Ah hating Bono is not a good start. :smirk:

Foster and/or Allen on the accordion

Which was which?

If ends up being Foster and Allen it must be some size of a squeeze box.

Christy Dignam on vocals.

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Artane Band!

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Would have Fearghal on vocals.


Irish super band already existed .
Couse on vocals, Bunbury on guitar , Healy on Bass. Throw in any decent keyboard player and drummer and there you have it.
And @beeko Dermot Kennedy , lamb of jaysus no thanks

Drums…Graham hopkins (therapy)

Lead guitar…henry mc culloch(wings)

Rythm guitar.Noel Hogan (cranberries)

Vocals …phillo

Bass…Noel Redding (Jimmy hendrix)

Keys…I Will cover those.

Rory wouldn’t join the stones so couldn’t see him joining my supergroup back when.


Stephen Patrick Morrissey on vocals, Johnny Ma(h)er on guitar. Bass and drums who cares?

Still no Bono. :woman_shrugging:

Not a hope…wasn’t even the best frontman on his road.


Bono can write the songs along with Shane McGowan

One word.


Do the members have to be from the 26 counties or do the other 6 count? :rofl::rofl:

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Has anybody mentioned the happy guy from Beal Feirste


Harpsichord has to be Johnny Reidy

He’ll be on the flute.

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