Greatest Score You've Ever Seen

Be it club county school juvenile goal or point whats the best score you ever witnessed in hurling??

That Aussie Gleeson Goal or the JBM one or the John Fenton one. Can’t decide. All very different and equally unlikely


Mine used to be Fentons off the ground, however I think this is superb


Osullivans defo up there.

Fentons and JBM are obviously to. One of my favs is John Troys goal v Antrim, flicks ball off ground in to his hand as a defender comes flying in, flick takes the defender out and then from a tight angle buries the ball in the net, serious skill

Peadar cartons (I think) in a league match for dubs

Nicky english v antrim


Was it peadars goal v offaly in u21 champ where we worked it out from full back line 4 passes later peadar buries it?


I got to this age and never saw that before… class

Oh the Rock, all day. The others mentioned above were all pure class as well. Kevin Broderick tipping it over a lad’s head. Tommy Dunne’s lazy, brilliant goal. Corcoran off his knees. Ciaran Carey to win in 96. DJ v Clare.

Joe canning goal vs Kilkenny in Leinster final the one where he turned and caught the ball.

Callanan vs Wexford last year.

I’ve seen pat Horgan throw some unbelievable scores over his shoulder down through the years for club and county. His two goals from play against kk up there too.

Gleeson 2014 Munster semi vs ourselves took up off the sideline and scored a cracker of a goal. Again against ourselves 17 Munster semi falling down flicked ball up into his hand and over.

Shane Stapleton has a vid coming up on this. I wonder is that where you got the idea @Ground_hurler ?

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No one of the lada posted Gleesons goal in another topic got the idea from that

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Or this one at around 10:10 into the video… I know he’s a pain in the hole as a pundit…

There was a DJ Carey goal v Offaly at Croker, he hit it first time straight into the net from a great pass from out under the hogan . Can t find it on YouTube.

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Might be a little bit of bias on my behalf…


One of the few goals he scored where he didn’t take 10 steps with the ball in hand.


Most of those seem to be v Offaly as well. Maybe he thought they were nt able to count .

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Was that the one that rebounded off the crossbar first and then he finished?

If I remember correctly there was a hell of a hand pass from DJ on the buildup.

No a different goal I think. I m sure he belted this one first time from a great 30 yard cross .

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This is the one I was thinking of. Actually against antrim

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A great goal as well

The one he took off Lohan was a better goal than it looked.