Greatest Score You've Ever Seen

Richie hogan goal v tipp from Eddie Brennan pass

Didn’t your man Cluxton arrow one over there a few years back that I seen or did I imagine?!

Not in hurling he didn’t

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Ah, I see how this thing works now, schoolboy novices error!


Not yet you mean

John Fentons goal was so good it made the Liverfkuke advert… I remember seeing it on the Sunday Game. Unreal score!


Peter Duggan (Clare) point on right sideline in Ennis in closing stages of knocking Tipp out 2018 was a savage point


Great score and his score against Galway in semi final in cp when he took on whole defence was also brilliant

Was lucky to be at this one

Easily one of the greatest equalizing scores of all time

The Cork crowd were rabid


If there was ever a moment I’d of loved a hooter system for the clock… :broken_heart:

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Clare injury time equalising point Vs Cork first final match in 2013. Made all the better by it being that player’s first ever championship score I think

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You had it in the bag. Unlucky and painful I’m sure.

Back in the day of 2 minutes of injury time

That game would have gone on for another 5-6 minutes these days

Very painful but a great score to level it from a corner back. Davy even said he was the last one he’d want shooting in that moment. Never featured much for Clare afterwards.

We all were enraged that he went 20+ seconds over. Now that’d be unbelievable at the moment. Had that been in 2019 I wonder would the ref had left a winner be found.

Domhnall O Donovan. He was shocked that it went over!

It’s not even close IMO

Picked this one because it happened right underneath where I was sitting in the Hogan that day.

Conal Keaney’s scór inspioráideach from around 80 metres out as we were coasting to victory in the 2011 NHL1 final v Kilkenny


Have you a link to it?



As a Dublin score this is tied with Johnny Mc Guirks winner in the Walsh cup final against Kilkenny in 03


One of the best days in Parnell.