Greetings from a newbie

Thanks for the welcome @beeko Re. :rugby_football:: Tomorrow my loyalties are divided. …

Re. My first six years: I have happy memories, believe it or not.

My interest in GAA is very new.

Re. Boris: for a start I am against ‘hard’ Brexit both as an idea and a practical reality. If the U.K. had to leave the EU, it should have worked out a Swiss or Norwegian style relationship with it IMHO. The whole right-wing populist style goes against the grain. I could say a lot more but it’s for another thread.

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We do have Brexit threads!
Boris and his buddies sold us a mule instead of a racehorse when it came to Brexit. The man cannot be trusted. Just ask his ex-wife (any one of them).
I am living in London myself for quite a while.
Rusilip would be home to the GAA in London and Britain, as a whole. Maybe one Covid is beaten, you’ll make your way there to watch some club games. You say you’re in Southern England and I won’t ask for anything more precise but there are games played in Mitcham, Wormwood Scrubs and Greenford in London (among other places) and also very near the river and train station in Reading.

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Boris’s personal life is reminiscent of a downmarket soap opera.

I notice that there are threads about the Brexit disaster: I’m glad I’ve been able to obtain an EU passport.

Mitcham is within easy reach and I know Ruislip well. Ditto Reading.

You might get a PM from me if you’re lucky - or unlucky depending on your viewpoint. … :+1:

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Just don’t mention the fishing trip.

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Quick question about the lingo:

How (phonetically) do you pronounce BAINISTEOIR?

Maybe I’m going to have to do a language course😄.

Had to get in first MD didn’t want ye ruining the poor lad :joy::joy:

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Thanks @beeko

Greetings @Tocklishchop & welcome to the site

For our thoughts on rugby, have a look at the following thread, particularly during & after tomorrow’s game …

Word of warning, at times it’s not for the faint hearted

Enjoy :+1:t2:

Thank you @BlueWheels. I shall look at this thread and will be following it tomorrow, believe me!

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Welcome aboard, this will be some bromance, @beeko


Thanks @Hubie for the welcome!!! And some bromance is always good too​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1:

Now now Liam, be nice. It’s one association. Welcome to the forum newbie😉. As our resident referee Mary’s man has said. Roar for the Dubs and align yourself with the south side you’ll be grand.


Thanks for the welcome and the good advice. …

Don’t mind that @Bart fella, the most influential of our #SixInARow team come from the important side of the city otherwise known as the Northside

Lord help us if they ever get their way splitting us :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


:+1: @dcr22B

Greeting from the darkside.

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JJF got it right, The Dark Side :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I’ll let Mick know your thoughts😂

Thank you for your dark welcome @JJF

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