Hand off

Hi lads,

I noticed yesterday watching the Kerry / Tyrone semi, that Cathal McShane, used a hand off at one stage, to keep the defending player away from him, gave him room to turn and kick a point

Is a hand off allowed ? This wasnt a guide the man past you type thing, this was into the chest to push/stop him ?

Hand offs are not allowed - should of been a free against him

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It’s the same as a push. Not allowed and should be a free against.

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That’s what I had assumed. Seems to be ignored

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Yes got him in the mush - Adrian Spillane it was.

Is it an offence or ungentlemanly conduct to humiliate your opponent by leaving him on his arse as you score a goal? Asking for a friend.


illegal, but ger canning thought it was wonderful, Dozy Dessie Dolan never said the obvious either.

The micko doc was on last night again, canning was doing the 1986 all ireland, sounded a different man. I suppose he actually had to live up to some form of expectation in those days.

Canning’s first All-Ireland, if I recall correctly, was the 1985 Football Final. Micheal O’Hehir took ill between the Hurling and Football Finals. 34 years later and Canning is still as bad as ever.

That’s correct.

Like all public service jobs once you’re in talent and skill is not required.

It’s actually worse he’s getting

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Needs to be addressed in the rulebook.

Speaking of comms missing rule breaks when is “a high hand to the face” not a “punch” asking for my friend Mr McHugh