Handball Alleys in Dublin

Just wondering if there would any good handball alleys around Dublin - particularly South Dublin.

There is a great one in the old Pres college in Glathule. It’s behind a big electric gate now unfortunately. Managed to “get passed” the gate over the weekend, but after 5 minutes we were asked to leave the premises by a security guard for the school.

Understand there is at least one in Blackrock (Newtownpark Ave, and the college possibly) but haven’t looked for them.

From Rochestown Ave in Deans Grange - there seems to be what looks like a ball alley in the old Garda Station next to Bakers Corner. Anyone know anything about this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



UCD have a handball alley. It rarely seems to be busy. Used to be one in Goatstown but it was knocked and is a house now. I think most clubs play in Croke Pk.

This any good to you?

If anyone is interested in the excitement or the challenge of playing the different codes of Handball, then don’t hesitate to contact National Development Officer Darragh Daly who will help you find your nearest Handball club from the hundreds all over Ireland.

Email: development.handball@gaa.ie
Telephone: +353 (0) 1865 8649


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Thiery Henry has his own alley.

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outdoor I assume you mean, there’s one there at the side of the fire station at the end of the grange road in donaghmede. indoor alleys all over the place as the game has largely gone indoors now. my oul-lad played his handball with na fianna and they always had a nice indoor alley there too but might be gone. asfaik, the new naomg mearnog clubhouse has an alley or 2 but i could be wrong about that. then there’s the garda depot in the park. or do what we did when we were teenagers and book a squash court in any leisure centre and just go in and play till they tell you otherwise.

The Na Fianna alley is still there alright. They had the nursey kids in there on Saturday morning teaching them some basics.

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Wild geese have one which is indoor. Used to host all Irelands etc. Was the first 20x40 in Ireland. Or 20x20 not sure!

Converted ours into a gym there 7/8 years ago!

What club are you with?

I think Na Fianna also use it as a handball alley?


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Brigids have 2 indoor alleys, 2 indoor one wall and 2 outdoor one wall courts.

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Bridgids have a fairly active handball club from what I see. How much space does that take up? Can the space be used for multiple purposes?

The two handball alleys are for strictly for handball only and are well used and maintained thankfully.

The indoor one walls take up very little space in the sports hall while the outdoor courts are located on the opposite side of the hurling wall.


Sounds like a good use of space. Great to see clubs providing more than the mainstream codes. Lots of kids out there who don’t like hurling/camogie or football. Well done to Bridgids!

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Oh yeah I presume they do. They just had a group from the nursery in there doing handball on Saturday morning.

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you must know my nephews then witty, they’d be grandchildren of a certain vincents and dublin legend?

I’m drawing a blank, drop me a pm!

Just seen this now, he’s an ex- teacher of mine and I bumped into him out in Mearnog at the start of the year and was chatting away to him and he’s still playing his social ball on Saturday’s.

i think you’ve the wrong man parish.